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November Product Reviews: Compostable Dish Cloths and The Easiest Weed Solution

  • 3 min read

Our aim is to stock products that are as natural, sustainably and ethically produced, and locally-made as possible.

An ideal Urban Revolution product is made from renewable materials that are compostable, cause no harm to the water table and the environment, and are made as near to our store as possible to promote local economy and reduce CO2 miles. 

These conditions are not easy to achieve and we are forever reviewing our product range.

This month we are focusing on two of our favourite products - one for the home and one for the garden.

1. 100% Cotton Knitted Dishcloths by Jan

 Perth knitted dishcloths 100% cotton Jan

These reusable dishcloths are made in Perth by the very lovely Jan, using 100% cotton yarn.

We love these dishcloths and find that they work really well! One side of each cloth has a smooth stitch, and the other a more corrugated stitch for greater cleaning power. Fully biodegradable and compostable at the end of their lives, they are an awesome replacement for any kind of sponge, dishcloth, or soft scourer.

Here's what Jan says about her dishcloths:

I began by hand knitting a few just for myself, improving on the pattern, size, strength and durability as I went.  After now using them for a period of time, I really love:

-  the way they clean with a slight scouring effect,

-  their durability - I'm still using the original few I produced 18 months ago with plenty of wear left in them!,

-  the hygiene factor - by regularly rotating two or three it means always having access to a clean and fresh dishcloth,   

-  their reusable factor, making them economical and a great way of reducing landfill instead of using disposable items, and therefore helping the planet,

-  how they make a useful and novel gift item,

-  the choice of colours,

-  their versatility as they also make great general cleaning cloths with all the above benefits! 

My wish is that they are used and enjoyed widely as one step towards making a small difference to the future of our planet - for ALL of our kids and grandkids.  

Jan grew up in Vic Park, raised her 4 kids in Busselton, lives in Rockingham and has 7 grandkids.

Customer Review

Jan's dishcloths 100% cotton reusable eco-friendly customer reviews

These two lovely ladies came into the store looking for Jan's knitted dishcloths which they love using at home. They don't use any other washing-up equipment in the kitchen - these dishcloths are all they need.

What a pleasure it was chatting to these inspirational women. Breaking stereotypes, they have been eco-conscious for 40 years. 

2. Oscillating Hoe by Corona

 Carona Oscillating Hoe Garden toolThis long-handled Oscillating Hoe is an absolute saviour when it comes to removing spring plants growing in the wrong place (sometime known as weeds 😊) and is one of our favourite garden products.

When an unwanted plant takes over an area in a garden it can take essential minerals and moisture from the soil that would benefit plants you want to grow in that space. This applies to vegetable and ornamental plant beds.


A hoe has a blade that allows you to cut off the the top growth from the roots just below the soil surface. Hoes come in many forms. They can be long handled, which are easier on your back, or small, hand-held tools. There are different designs, such as the delta, razor, ho-mi and Dutch hoes. The long-handled Oscillating Hoe is a little different due to its ability to be more directional with the head. It is exceptionally efficient when removing plants from a cultivated area. 

The Oscillating Hoe (sometimes called a stirrup hoe) has a razor sharp blade that travels below ground to slice off the tops of plants where they are most vulnerable. The blade is sharp on both sides, meaning that it can cut through plants with both a forward and backward motion, with minimal effort. It is mounted onto a long handle which allows you to do your weeding standing up and reach into garden beds without trampling them. The blade is also mounted with a small amount of hinging movement so that it always cuts at the optimal angle, prolonging the sharpness of the blade.

Using the Oscillating Hoe is easy. Simply push and pull the blade through the soil. Once plants are chopped they can be left to decompose, although they should be removed from the bed if flowering or with seeds - no pulling or toxic chemicals required. It also works underneath gravel!

The Oscillating Hoe blade can be easily re-sharpened with a sharpening stone and is removable if it becomes damaged or worn. Replacement blades are easy to re-attach to the handle.

Overall, this garden tool is our top recommendation when it comes to easy, efficient, and chemical-free plant removal.

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