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Helping Locals Set Up Their First Edible Garden

  • 3 min read

We love helping people to grow food and recently had the pleasure of giving a guiding hand to one of our local residents.

When Vikas came to us explaining that his wife had always wanted an edible garden and that he wanted to surprise her with one for her birthday, we were thrilled to set them up with everything they needed. Dan from our Urban Revolution team took this garden project on and Vikas and his wife were stoked with the result!

Armed with top-quality organic soil, a list of their favourite veggies and herbs and a Greensmart Pot (a self-watering system), a small kitchen garden was created.

If you would love an edible garden but don’t know where to start or short on time, get in contact with us. We can set you up with a small garden and get you growing your own food. Talk to us in store or Contact Us any time!

If you'd like to learn more about how we set this garden up, read on!  You can find everything we used to create this edible garden (including the seeds, soil, and equipment) in our Urban Revolution store - let us know if you need any help!

Greensmart pot setup helping locals start an edible garden


How we set up this easy-care edible garden


All the equipment used can be found in our Perth and online eco & garden store.



Our GreenSmart pots are perfect for Vikas and his wife as they are an easy, low mess and low maintenance way to grow an edible garden. The fully-contained system can be moved anywhere and is self-watering. The plants have continuous access to water and won't be over-watered.

We filled the GreenSmart pot with our Bioactive Cocopeat potting mix - a nutrient-dense, humus-based soil, packed with microbes. It is made locally in Perth and has fabulous water- and nutrient-retention properties. Bioactive Cocopeat is ideal for raising seeds and growing veggies.

We chose seedlings based on what Vikas told us he and his wife enjoy eating. They loved the idea of having salads and herbs that they could continually pick from, and expressed their love for fresh coriander! We included cos lettuce, chives, rainbow chard, beetroot, calendulas (edible flowers), and of course coriander in their pick-as-you-need salad garden.

We arranged the seedlings with all their needs in mind, with sun-loving plants (like chard, chives, and calendulas) at the front and plants that would enjoy a bit of shade at the back (like the coriander and cos lettuce).

To complete the garden we included a pair of marigolds in coir fibre pots, on top of a couple of EcoSoul Life bamboo plates for support. The marigolds add a pop of colour to the garden and will attract a range of beneficial insects to promote a healthy eco-system and integrated pest management. Ideally the marigolds would be planted amongst the veggies, space permitting.

Urban revolution edible garden


How it all went down:

Vikas organised this garden project with us as a birthday surprise for his wife, and told us of his vision for the garden to be set up in their back yard for when they returned from a holiday.

Dan from Urban Revolution set up the garden and got the seedlings started in advance. Before Vikas left for his holiday with his wife, he left us access to his yard so that we could transport the new edible garden to their back porch, ready for their return.

Needless to say, Vikas and his wife were stoked to come home to a ready-to-go edible garden all set up for them in their own home. We left them with a detailed guide of everything that was planted, how to care for the plants, and all their medicinal properties. We also left them a bottle of home-made worm juice to use as fertilizer down the track. 

Thank you to Vikas for your creative and thoughtful gift idea - we loved getting involved and making your vision come to life!

Urban revolution edible garden

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