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4 Steps To Shop For Groceries Without Single-Use Plastic

  • 2 min read

The majority of plastic waste comes from single-use plastic packaging, most of which can easily be avoided! Start noticing where you are buying plastic and perhaps opt for items that aren't wrapped in plastic.


How to avoid single-use plastic when shopping

  1. For fresh groceries: choose loose fruit and veg that aren't in a pre-packaged bag. Take you're own reusable produce bag or just buy the loose fruit and veg without a bag. If you find this difficult, try shopping at smaller independent stores that have less plastic packaging on fresh produce, or shop at your local farmers market (this will save you money too!).
  2. Find your local bulk food store for all your packaging-free dry foods; including nuts, seeds, legumes, grains, pasta, baking ingredients, sweets, chocolate, teas, spices, honey, tahini, cereals and more. Many also offer cleaning products such as laundry powder/liquid, bath salts etc. Take your own containers, recycled glass jars or use the paper/compostable bags often supplied. Our local Vic Park bulk food stores are Loose Produce, The Source Bulk Foods and Scoop & Pour, but there are stores scattered all over Perth and most other cities.
  3. Invest in some reusable bulk food bags and a reusable bread bag if these are things that would make your plastic-free shopping easier. Products like these allow you to get your fresh bread straight from a bakery without any single-use plastic packaging.
  4. Of course, remember to always take your own reusable shopping bags when you go shopping.

The bottom line is, try to buy as little plastic packaging as you can. You might be surprised how much cheaper foods and household staples are when you don't have to pay for the packaging!

Onya reusable bread bag Onya reusable produce bag holding vegetables Eco-friendly canvas carpet shopping bag full of fresh vegetables from the farmers market


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