Project 76: Farmer Alana's Veggie Garden

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Hi, I’m Alana! Some people call me Farmer Alana, and you might have also heard of me as FRANK The Artist.

Farmer Alana

Over the past few years, I’ve been experimenting with being a hyperlocal agent of change in my community, Vic Park. I ran Give a Damn for a while, a grassroots campaign to get rid of single-use plastics, and the Common Ground Garden at the back of (what is today) The Haven.

My dream all along has been to produce fresh veggies for my neighbours – you know, a small Urban Farm. I’ve put a lot of work and dedication into this dream, got a diploma in Sustainable Living and a Permaculture Design Certificate, worked as a gardener and waste educator and, on the side, have been growing a vegetable garden using organic inputs and permaculture principles in East Vic Park.

This small block of land is now known as Project 76. The next step of this project is the conversion of my front yard into 45m² of productive vegetable gardens. This is where you come in. I will be producing more vegetables than my household can consume, so it’s time to ask you, the community, if you are interested in very low-miles produce! I have put together a short survey and would appreciate it if you could fill it out to help me fine-tune the last details. If you’re keen on the most local produce you will ever get, don’t forget to leave your email so I can let you know when we’ll be ready to supply your family.

Please help Alana by completing this short survey

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  • Posted on by liz
    well done Alana – i’d love to support what you’re doing

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