Plant Feature: Chilli and Capsicum

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Capsicums and chillies are easy to grow and a healthy bush can produce bountiful harvests every year! Enjoy this guide and our top tips for growing abundant capsicums and chillies.


Chillies lined up on a chopping board

Types of capsicums

  • Capsicum annuum: most common types including jalapenos, bell peppers, paprika, cayenne and chilli peppers
  • Capsicum chinense: hotter species of chillies
  • Capsicum frutescens: smaller fruits including tabasco and Thai peppers
Different types of chillies
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How to grow abundant chillies and capsicums

  • Grow during warm weather (January is the last month for sowing capsicum seeds in Perth).
  • Plant in a sunny but sheltered position (they don't like the wind!) This can be in the ground or in a pot.
  • If you choose a good spot, you can grow as a perennial year-round! Just make sure the plant doesn't get cold or wind/rain/frost battered in Winter.
  • Use high-quality free-draining garden soil or potting mix.
  • Keep the growing plant moist but not wet. Avoid saucers on pots.
  • Feed with organic liquid fertiliser once per week (or slow release fertiliser).
  • Prune the bush back after fruiting is finished.


Red and green chillies growing on a bush

Avoiding pests and disease

  • Sprinkle dried and crushed egg shells on the soil surface to deter slugs and snails, or use slug tape if you're growing in pots.
  • Use a home-made soapy garlic spray to deter aphids.
  • Use an organic fruit fly trap to get rid of fruit flies.
  • Avoid blossom end rot by watering regularly and evenly. 

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