10 Gardening Jobs for Bunuru


As autumn begins, there are plenty of tasks to be getting on with in the garden. Here are some ideas:

1. Check reticulation is working well, clear any blocked sprinklers and ensure they are directed where they are needed most.

 garden sprinkler

Working sprinklers are essential for Perth gardens in February


2. Soak young trees and shrubs every couple of weeks to encourage deep root growth.

3. Mow lawns, keeping the blades a little higher than usual to protect grass from heat stress.

4. Watch out for pests like mealy bug, scale and fruit fly. Install fruit protection nets to protect any vulnerable trees and plants.

5. Apply citrus food and top up mulch around citrus trees to protect roots from heat stress.

orange tree with fruit

Citrus trees like orange, lemon and lime will appreciate a feed and some extra mulch in February


6. Prune climbing plants and ensure all ties are secure.

7. Be alert for powdery mildew, especially on large leafy plants such as cucumbers and pumpkin. A simple spray solution of milk: water at a ratio of 1:10 can help to keep mildew at bay.

8. Apply a seaweed solution to stimulate strong root development and reduce plant stress.

9. Plant out the last of your summer vegetables, such as tomatoes and lettuce. Fast growing summer herbs such as basil will also thrive now.

basil growing in a tray

Basil thrives in summer gardens


10. Prepare for autumn planting. Stock up on heirloom seeds and plan your patch. Brassicas and potatoes can be planted soon. Consider starting a few seeds in cooler indoor conditions until the soil temperatures drop in a month or so.

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