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Wooden Seedling Flat - Pine - Rippa Woodturning

Flat Sizes: Small

These stunning pine seedling flats are handmade by Brian Kirkby of Rippa Woodturning.

These seedling boxes are made using recycled Pine timber which is sourced from factory refuse containers, thus reducing landfill. Most of the timber is reclaimed from packing crates or pallets and is locally grown Pinus radiata. Sometimes the reclaimed crates come from outside Australia so the pine is of unknown species. All pine used is untreated.

Seedling Flat Uses and Benefits

  • Sown seeds have enough soil and room to grow to a healthy seedling size ready for direct transplanting.
  • The flats enable staggered (succession) planting to eliminate a glut of veggies by planting out from the flat a few seedlings every couple of weeks.
  • Seedlings are easily portable out of the heat, to follow the sun or out of the cold.
  • Perfect for growing micro greens in.
  • Handy for travellers in caravans and those on the move.
  • They replace the need for plastic seed raising trays and pots.
  • They will last for many years and weather gracefully.

Brian is a member of the Swan Woodturners and sells a variety of beautifully wood turned pieces at country markets or by request.

Wooden Seedling Flat Dimensions


Internal 155 x 225 x 70mm

External 195 x 260 x 85mm



Internal 350 x 225 x 65mm

External 385 x 260 x 82mm


Sowing Template

385 x 260 x 20mm


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