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Wooden Seedling Tray - Jarrah - Vic Park Mens Shed

Flat Sizes: Small

Wooden Seedling Tray or Flat - Jarrah - Vic Park Mens Shed

These long lasting hardwood Jarrah seedling trays are handmade by the Victoria Park Men's Shed in Perth, Western Australia.  Each one is beautiful and unique.

These seedling flats (seedling boxes) are made from reclaimed Jarrah floor boards from a demolished house in the Lathlain area. They are assembled using stainless steel screws.

Wooden Seedling Tray Uses and Benefits:

  • Sown seeds have enough soil and room to grow to a healthy seedling size ready for direct transplanting.
  • The flats enable staggered (succession) planting to eliminate a glut of veggies by planting out from the flat a few seedlings every couple of weeks.
  • Flats are a great way to save time, money, and space when getting ready for a new growing season.
  • Seedlings are easily portable out of the heat, to follow the sun or out of the cold.
  • Perfect for growing micro greens in.
  • Handy for travellers in caravans and those on the move.
  • They replace the need for plastic seed raising trays and pots.
  • They will last for many years and weather gracefully.

Wooden Seedling Flat or Tray Dimensions:

Small 27cm x 18cm approx. (including handles)

Medium 27cm x 42cm approx. (including handles)

Internal depth 7cm approx. External height 9cm approx.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Karen Jeffery
Seedling trays

Absolutely beautiful, the workmanship and customer service are outstanding, I am very impressed. Thank you.

Great value

Beautifully made with recycled jarrah, currently holding my unearthed potatoes.

Nathalie Bedel
Seedling Tray

I just love it, great new feature in the house! And today the microgreens are ready for my salad tonight 😍

Hi Natalie,
Thanks so much for your lovely review. Enjoy your microgreens!
Best regards
The Urban Revolution Team

Andreia Borges Rodrigues
Seedling Tray

Lovely, sturdy and cool seedling tray that looks good around the house either with soil and sprouting seedlings, or when not growing seeds it can be used as a simple and stylish easy storage open box. It was my first time growing seedlings and having it in this tray has helped me to easily keep track of their development. So far I’ve had a near 100% success rate growing seedlings from this tray. Not bad for a beginner.


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