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Urban Greens Seed Balls

Style: Bee Friendly

Urban Greens Seed Balls:

Spread some love around the garden with these Seed Balls from Urban Greens. Each ball contains seeds for either flowers or food that are great for sprinkling in any bare patch in your garden - or perhaps for some guerilla gardening in your local neighbourhood!

Available in six different varieties including:

  • Bee Friendly
  • Field of Poppies
  • Kitchen Herbs
  • Leafy Greens
  • Cottage Garden Flowers
  • Tomato Garden

The carefully selected seeds  are non-GMO and have been rolled in a special blend of rich compost (for nutrients), mineral clay (to protect the seeds from birds and insects) and a sprinkle of chilli powder (to deter snails and slugs).

Each tin contains 20 seed balls and each ball has 10-50 seeds depending on the seed variety.

Bee Friendly Seed Balls:

  • Included in the Bee Friendly Seed Balls are White Daisies, Californian Poppies, Schizanthus and Alyssum.
  • Best Planted Spring to Autumn

Field of Poppies Seed Balls:

  • Included in the Field of Poppies Seed Balls are Red Flanders, Double Mixed and Single Mixed Poppies.
  • Best planted late Summer to Autumn

Kitchen Herbs Seed Balls:

  • Included in the Kitchen Herb Seed Balls are Parsley, Basil, Chive and Coriander.
  • Best planted Autumn to Spring

Leafy Greens Seed Balls:

  • Included in the leafy Greens Seed Balls are Mizuna, Loose Leaf Lettuce, Mustard Tendergreens and Red Cos.
  • Best planted late Spring to Autumn

Cottage Garden Flower Seed Balls:

  • Included in the Cottage Garden Flower Balls are Shirley Single Poppies, Dwarf Polka Dot Mix Cornflowers, Coreopsis and Nemesia.
  • Best planted late Spring to Autumn

Tomato Garden Seed Balls:

  • Included in the Tomato Garden Seed Balls are Cherry Mix, Heirloom Mix, San Mazarno, and Grosse Lisse.
  • Best planted in Spring

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