Traditional Hori Hori Soil Knife

This beautiful multi-purpose tool is perfect for all garden types including veggie, permaculture, native and ornamental.  It is sooo useful for gardeners of all abilities and interests. It is recognised as an all-in-one gardening tool.

Hori-hori means to dig and due to its strength, sharpness, dual straight and serrated blade sides and blade graduations it can be used for loosening compacted soil, cutting roots, chop and drop mulching, weeding, small axe purposes, separating plant roots for plant dividing, planting bulbs and seeds to specific soil depths, knife tasks, trowel use tasks, etc.

This Japanese-made tool is based on a traditional shovel made from dried, split & carved bamboo. 

With some care the blade will not rust and last a lifetime.

Blade Material: Made from high carbon stainless steel containing molybdenum vanadium - DSR-1K6 with Rockwell hardness - HRC58.  The steel has been quenched and razor sharp.  Cuts well due to little friction.  One side has a sharp serrated edge. It has a mirrored finish and easy to re-sharpen.

Blade Length: 185mm

Scabbard: Made from genuine leather and riveted for durability.

Handle: Made from Oak.