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Square Coir Planter Grow Bag With Coir Fibre Block - Hort With Heart

These square coir planter bags are beautiful with additional benefits.  They are the perfect growing container for your edible garden.

Coir fibre planters encourage the development of lateral root growth and naturally air prune root systems as they grow into the coir fibre. This grow container is also permeable to moisture which produces an evaporative cooling effect, which is beneficial to the plant roots, particularly in summer. As the planter ages, it takes on a natural "hairy" appearance.

100% compostable and the whole pot can be planted with the plant into the ground.  This eliminates transplant shock and means no waste!

Coir fibre grow bags are made from a by-product of the coconut industry and are a sustainable alternative to plastic nursery pots. 

How to Use Coir Planter Bags

These square coir fibre planter bags come with a coir block that can be rehydrated and then mixed with some composted potting soil to fill the pot.

Coir Planter Grow Bag Dimensions

The planter bag is 24cm (H) x 20cm (W)


About Hort with Heart

Hort with Heart is the retail business of popular Perth gardening personality, Sabrina Hahn. A master gardener, horticultural professional, award winning radio presenter, podcaster and writer, Sabrina has a passion for the creation of sustainable landscapes that make cities more liveable. Sabrina has shared her knowledge and passion for green spaces on ABC radio for 27 years, being one of the earliest pioneers to promote sustainable gardening practices in the media. The Sabrina Hahn range of plants, Sabrina’s Selection, are all grown in coir pots.

Customer Reviews

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Linda Footman
Square pots

Really good for planting seedlings. They retain moisture and the seedlings look ever so healthy


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