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Propagation Station

Style: Single Jar

Propagation Station with Glass Vases:

A stylish and attractive way to display propagating plants while you wait for them to develop healthy new root systems. The timber frame supports either one or three glass vases which can be filled with water and plant cuttings - perfect too for displaying small cut flowers.

Water propagation is a simple way to grow more of your favourite plants from cuttings.

Water Propagation Guide:

  1. Take plant cuttings with a minimum of 3 or 4 leaves by snipping at a node - where the leaf meets the stem.  Make sure each cutting includes at least 3 sets of nodes along its stem. Take multiple cuttings from the same plant or vine.
  2. Remove the lower sets of leaves while keeping 1 or 2 upper leaves. 
  3. Fill the glass bulbs with water and add the cuttings, making sure that the lower sets of bare nodes are below the water level - having 2 sets of nodes submerged increases the number of roots that will develop.
  4. Now just wait for the new roots to develop. Once they reach around 2.5cm in length, transfer the cuttings to soil.

For Best Results:

  • Use rain water. Filtered water is almost as good, and tap water works just fine too.  Don't use demineralised water, as plants need minerals.
  • Position your Propagation Station where it will receive bright , indirect sunlight, so photosynthesis can occur.
  • Be patient. Some plants are quick to grow roots in water, while others are slow.
  • Do a little research. Some plants (woody plants like citrus, and plants without nodes on their stems) are not suited to water propagation. 


1 Jar Station - 

3 Jar Station - Length 26cm, Width 14cm, Height 14cm. 

This item is boxed for easy gift wrapping if desired. Simple assembly is required - tools and instructions are provided.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Beautiful piece and sensational service!

Great little propagation station for growing on our cuttings and I have to say the service was above and beyond my expectation. Amazingly packed to ensure safe delivery. Thanks very much!

Hi Brooke, thanks so much for your beautiful review. We hope that you enjoy your propagation station for many years to come! Very best wishes, Kate

Beautiful gift

Bought this for a friend who loves it. Very easy to assemble and looks stunning on the shelf with cuttings flowing down.

Thanks Kate for your awesome review! Best wishes, the UR Team :-)


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