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Coir Mulch Mat for Pot Plants - Round

Diameter: 32cm

Coir Mulch Mat for Indoor and Outdoor Plants:

These fabulous mulch mats are an attractive and easy method to provide a mulch to protect pot plants' soil from water evaporation, weeds, and pests, such as those infamous Fungus Gnats found loving life in indoor pots' soil!

Use Indoors, outdoors, in the office, and also for a range of craft projects.

How to Install a Mulch Mat into a Pot Plant:

  1. Select a Mat size that is the best fit for the pot's diameter.
  2. If required use sharp scissors or shears to cut the mat to the pot's diameter.
  3. If required cut the mat's hole size to fit the diameter of the plant's stem.
  4. Place the mat around the stem.
  5. Water the pot plant down the stem's base.

Mulch Mat Features:

  • Decorative fibrous appearance
  • Over a few years will break down and add organic matter to soil
  • Thick natural and organic fibre
  • Perfect for moisture retention to stop pot plants from drying out quickly
  • Help stop pests like Fungus Gnats from laying eggs in the pot's soil
  • Easy to install and trimmed to fit the size of your pot


Made from coconut husk fibre.

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