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Reusable Face Mask - Handmade and Triple Layered

Size: Extra Small / Children Various Fabrics - Slip On Ear Ties

Handmade, Reusable, Triple Layered Face Mask by Paula W

These triple layered fabric face masks are handmade locally from upcycled materials on the outer layers for comfort, with a non-permeable polypropylene inner layer for safety. They are washable, reusable and compostable at the end of life once inner layer is removed.

Reusable Face Mask Materials

This face mask is made from upcycled Polyester Cotton on the outside and upcycled 100% cotton on the inside closest to the face.The middle layer is made from new Polypropylene to make sure it has not been compromised and will remain an effective barrier to droplets. These masks have been made without using pins to avoid any small holes in the polypropylene which could allow moisture through. 

Due to the unique, upcycled nature of the materials used, colours will vary. Current fabric choices for our reusable fabric face masks can be viewed in our Perth Eco Store or add a note to your online order and we will do our best to pick the closest possible colour match from available fabrics.

How to wear a reusable face mask

The 100% cotton layer is designed for your comfort and is used closest to the face to absorb your own droplets (the label goes toward your face).

The shaped design has elasticated ear loops. These masks should only be worn for a maximum of one day before changing and washing.

Care Instructions for Fabric Face Mask

Face masks should preferably be hand washed or placed in a wash bag in the washing machine. When it comes out of the wash, flatten to original shape and dry flat or hang by the cotton ties.

When dry, store your mask in a dry, breathable bag (like a paper or mesh fabric bag) to keep it clean between uses. If you are taking a spare mask with you when going out, please keep it in this bag until you need to wear it.

Make sure to wash or sanitise your hands before and after removing your mask.

Dimensions for Reusable Fabric Face Mask

These masks are handmade and sizes may vary a little. The small size is suitable for children, teens and is also proving popular with ladies.

Small reusable fabric face mask size: 20cm x 7.5cm approx. (main rectangular panel)

Medium reusable fabric face mask size: 23cm x 8.5cm approx. (main rectangular panel)

Large reusable fabric face mask size: 27cm x 9cm approx. (main rectangular panel)

Reusable Face Mask Disposal

At the end of the face mask’s life, please remove the middle Polypropylene layer and recycle with your soft plastics for REDcycle. The outer cotton layers can be added to your compost bin. For other ideas on how to recycle your old clothes and fabrics, please check out our blog post at:

About PaulaW

Paula has loved sewing, knitting and crocheting for as long as she can remember. Her most treasured memories are sorting through her mum's button tin as a young girl in the highlands of Scotland and using old fabrics to make clothes for all her dolls and teddies.

Paula has now created her own brand PaulaW and loves working with items other people have discarded or no longer have a need for. Located in Victoria Park, Western Australia, Paula brings new life to these items and still removes buttons and adds them to her treasured button tin.

Customer Reviews

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Reusable Mask

Sorry, but my elastic started breaking after the first use, other than cheap elastic it is rather well made.

Hi Anais, Sorry to hear that you had issues with your mask elastic. We are aware of some problems with a batch of elastic. If you are able to return your mask to us we will arrange for the replacement of the elastic. We apologise again for any inconvenience caused. Best regards, Kate


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