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Japanese Carbon Steel Secateurs - Onoyoshi Type B 200mm

Japanese Stainless Steel Secateurs - Onoyoshi Type B:

These secateurs are crafted by a renowned family-run business, Onoyoshi, based in Hyogo prefecture in Japan. Specializing in secateur production, they complete over 100 steps in the making of a single pair. The stainless steel construction of these secateurs ensures protection from rust and easy maintenance.

Type B Japanese secateurs have a clam-shaped, thicker cutting blade, making them suitable for regular gardening and pruning. Moreover, they come with a fully hardened blade (from edge to spine) that guarantees a more durable cutting experience compared to cheaper secateurs, which typically only harden the bevel or edge. These secateurs can comfortably cut branches up to 18mm.
Each set of secateurs comes with a genuine leather pouch, spare spring and a box. Perfect as a gift for a keen gardener.

The belt clip of the pouch is designed to go under the belt then over the top to greatly reduce the likelihood of your pouch coming off while you are working in a sitting position.

Japanese Secateur Care Instructions:

If your secateurs are left wet, or exposed to water then rust may develop. We advise that you wipe down your secateurs and spray with a lubricant at the end of each day’s use and store in a pouch.

Japanese Secateur Materials:

Stainless Steel

Japanese Secateur Dimensions:

Full Length: 200mm

Blade Length: 58mm

Weight: 225g

About Shogun Tools:

Shogun Tools was founded in 2017 in Brisbane by Maki from Tokyo with support from her husband, Alex, a horticulturist and garden maintenance business owner. Maki's family had a passion for gardening, and she and Alex searched for high quality tools. Maki sourced info from professionals and Alex tested them for Australian use. Japanese blacksmiths (kaji) have long been revered for their precision blades and metalwork, but their industry has declined due to mass imports and a disposable culture. Shogun Tools support small businesses and artisans who create quality, long-lasting tools, preserving skills and traditions within Japan and beyond.


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