No Frills - Coastal Cure Sand Remedy

No Frills Coastal Cure Sand Remedy turns sand into soil permanently.

Coastal Cure is specially formulated to fix non wetting soils long term and to eliminate soil wetters for good. It is a soil amendment conditioner not a fertiliser.

Is perfect for growing anything in sandy conditions, raised garden beds and container pots.

How does it work?

  • It changes the physical structure of sandy soils.
  • By adding clay to sand, water can penetrate the spaces between the grains allowing water and nutrients to stay in the root zone where the plant can access them.
  • The addition of rock dust provides over 60 beneficial minerals lacking in sandy soils.

What are the benefits?

  • Converts sand to soil.
  • Increases water holding capacity.
  • It has a permanent effect.
  • Eliminates the use of synthetic soil wetters.
  • Stops nutrients leaching.
  • River and ground water safe.

Certified organic by NASAA

The amount of Coastal Cure to apply will depend on the severity of sandy conditions and the degree of non-wetting. Always mix in well to the top 100 – 200 mm. Do not apply as a top dress as it will form a crust. Always water in well.

Use Coastal Cure to amend soil conditions for the following:

  • New garden bed or raised garden bed.
  • Existing garden bed or raised garden bed.
  • Plant-out fruit trees.
  • Existing fruit trees.
  • Laying lawn.
  • Existing lawn.
  • Container pots.
  • Natives.
  • Compost additive.