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Jute Vegetable Sack - 10kg

Jute Potato or Vegetable Sack

This vegetable sack is ideal for storing potatoes, onions and other garden produce. It is reusable, breathable, hard-wearing and compostable.

How to Keep your Potatoes Fresh: 

Storing Your potatoes in a Jute or Hessian sack will allow the vegetables to breathe while excluding light. By excluding light it will stop them turning green due to chlorophyll production as well as sun exposure which can cause large amounts of toxic chemicals called solanine. 

Make sure that they are stored in a cool place but not in the fridge. A good example of common storage locations would be: the bottom of a pantry, basement, Garages or perhaps under the stairs. 

What is the Ideal Temperature to Store Potatoes?

The perfect temperature to store a Potato is around 6-10°C. This will keep them from spoiling for months on end usually. 

Want to know how to grow a potato check out this article here: How to grow a potato in a bag. 

Buy a potato Bag here to grow your own!: Potato Grow Bag

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