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Native Bees of Western Australia - Poster by Sarah Davies

Native Bees of Western Australia - Poster:

Native bees play a critical role in pollination of our edible and ornamental plants. This beautifully illustrated poster by local artist Sarah Davies is full of useful and practical information on how to identify our local native bees, how to attract them to our gardens and how to encourage them to make their homes there.

A gorgeous gift idea for gardeners of any age.

Printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks.

About the Artist:

Sarah Davies is an artist and author-illustrator who is passionate about science, the environment, and helping diverse kids find their voices though art and literature.

Sarah draws and paints using watercolour, ink, acrylic and gouache as well as using digital media.Her areas of interest include picture books, narrative non-fiction and science/educational illustration. 

Sarah has a regular column in the children’s section of the Australian Mensa Magazine, writing and illustrating on such topics as how colour works, why rainbows are curvy, and how to care for native bees.

Being a nerd at heart, Sarah loves researching, writing and illustrating non-fiction topics, but is just as happy in the world of stories and poetry where anything is possible.

Sarah is mother to a sassy teenager, door-opener to three cheeky felines, and corn-provider to a flock of feisty chooks.


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