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Purple Stripe Garlic Bulbs - Certified Organic - Boorara Organics

Size: Bulb - Single

Certified Organic Purple Stripe Seed Garlic Bulbs:

Purple Stripe is one of the most popular varieties of garlic to grow for the home and market gardener alike as it is a great all rounder due to it's combination of good yield, great flavour and presentability. There are about a dozen named cultivars in the Standard Purple Stripe Group with around half a dozen grown in quantity commercially around the world. This cultivar - the "Dunganski", seems to be the only one currently grown in any quantity in Australia.

The Purple Stripe is a Hardneck - Strongly Bolting Garlic variety. Scapes (leafless green flower stalks originating from ground basal leaves) develop thick and strong early in the growth cycle. Removing the scapes will help to increase the bulb size at harvest time.

This garlic prefers the cooler climate of the south west, however, will do well for a few seasons in the warmer areas of Perth, inland and further north, before the bulb size gradually reduces and it is recommended to start with fresh seed stock. 

Purple Stripe is rich and strong with a fusion of different flavours and develops a nutty flavour when cooked. 

Medium to long storage

Purple Stripe garlic has a medium to long storage time of up to 6 months after harvesting.

Price is per bulb. Average weight of bulbs is over 30 grams. Approximately 8-12 cloves per bulb. 

We also stock organic Rojo garlic and spray free elephant garlic.

Garlic is Incredibly Nutritious!

One clove (2-3 grams) of raw garlic contains
Vit A 0.27IU Vit B-6 0.037mg Vit C 0.936mg
Vit E 0.002mg Vit-K 0.051µg Carbs 0.992gm
Carotene 0.15µg Calcium 5.43mg Copper 0.009mg
Energy 4.47kca Fiber 0.063gm Iron Fe 0.051mg
Manganese 0.05mg Niacin 0.021mg Protein 0.191gm
Potassium K12mg PHOS 4.59mg Riboflavin 0.003mg
Selenium 0.426mg Thiamin 0.006mg Zinc Zn 0.035mg

How to Grow Great Garlic:

Plant garlic cloves between the end of March to the end of May for the Purple Stripe variety of garlic in the south west of WA. Plant in March to early April in warmer climates. In cooler parts of Australia, spring is preferable.

Choose the largest cloves for planting - the bigger the clove, the bigger the head.

Prepare the ground with lime, compost and pelletised chicken manure, making sure that it is well worked-through the ground and weeds removed.

Plant the cloves 8 - 10 cm apart and 4 cm deep with the pointy bit upwards.

Water the plantings in well and keep the plants regularly watered, not letting them dry out through the growing season.

Keep the plants free of weeds, especially during the early part of the growing season.

How to Harvest Garlic:

Harvest when the plants are dry and half the leaves have browned off and died. This will happen from the base of the plants. It is not essential to remove the flower stalks.

Knock most of the soil off the mature garlic and either hang or place on racks to dry for three weeks minimum before cutting off the stalks and roots and storing in a cool, dry place with ample air flow to prevent post-harvest rot.

You can begin to eat your garlic as soon as the bulbs begin to swell, stems and all, like for leeks, or when you first harvest and the skins are still soft. You do not have to wait for them to dry.

How to Store Your Garlic Bulbs:

Correctly hung and dried garlic will keep in a cool, dry dark place in a paper or mesh bag. It's recommended not to keep whole garlic bulbs in your fridge.

We also stock Organic Rojo Garlic.

Please note: These products are usually only available in stock for the main garlic planting season in the Perth region which is from approximately March to the end of May. If this product is showing as out of stock outside of this time, we will not be restocking it until next year. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Products to help you grow great garlic:

Root Pouch

Potting Mix

Greensmart Self Watering Pots

Waterfall Galvanised 9l Watering Can

Handmade Garden Trowel

About Boorara Organics:

Certified in accordance with the Southern Cross Organic AS6000 Standard.


Boorara Organics is a hands on family farm where Ben, Sherry, Alex, Eliza, Lauchy and Layla use regenerative practices to prove that small scale farming using ethically sound and organic practices can successfully build communities. Founded in 2017, the farm began with a small scale cattle breeding program before the first garlic crop was planted in 2022. The garlic beds will remain permanently with only the top portion disturbed - allowing the organic farmer's best friend, the earth worm, to live in relative peace while continuing his important work.  

Boorara is located near Northcliffe and Pemberton in the pristine Southern Forests region of Western Australia. They only use sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices on their nutrient-rich land, a perfect blend of karri sandy loam. This allows them to grow beautiful garlic as well as other fruits and vegetables. Their goal is to only sell the best of the best to their customers. All produce is processed by hand. 

Boorara Organics certified organic garlic is packed full of taste and a refreshing joy for those who appreciate fresh, healthy garlic with outstanding flavours.

Thank you for supporting local WA farmers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent seed-stock and tasty cloves

Got a heap last season. Planted it out earlier this year, impressive results, showing big stalks and healthy leaves despite the cold and rainy winter.
It's a great variety for taste and strength. I find myself having to crush and cult up less cloves to make a meal which is always a win in the kitchen.
Can't wait to harvest this year.

Kristieanna Stewart
Garlic Garden Party

So I can happily say all my garlic have so far sprouted and going great guns. I have 70 plants so harvest time will be busy. I will be using a lot of my garlic to make delicious garlic oil. The flavour will be amazing. I highly recommend this fantastic quality garlic. 👌 🧄🧄🧄👍

Jaydon Scott

Arrived in great packaging and in good time for where t I am, love your work.I have not planted it yet


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