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Jute Twine Pea & Bean Netting

Jute Netting/Trellis for Climbing Plants:

This heavy duty Jute net is perfect for growing beans and peas. Unlike its plastic counterparts, this net is made from all natural materials. At the end of the season, simply compost with your garden waste. 

Why Use a Trellis?

Using a trellis is important when growing plants such as beans and peas because it helps prevent disease and rot. Produce that lies on the ground has a higher chance of disease and is more likely to rot and become infested by bugs. Vining plants like peas and beans can be attached to a trellis to prevent this. Additionally, trellises can help maximise your garden's growing space, allowing you to pack more veggies in a limited space.


1.8m x 2.7m. Knotted in 120mm x 120mm grid.

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