Hemp Wash Cloths

Durable Wash Cloths made from 100% hemp. Hemp is an ideal fibre for cleaning due to its water holding capacity and anti-bacterial properties. Gentle enough for the bathroom and strong enough for the kitchen, the natural fibre is resistant to mould and bacteria.

The Hemp Wash Cloths are knitted by fair trade craftsperons living in rural communities in Bangladesh.


Small: W = 14cm H = 15cm

Large: W = 19cm H = 24cm

Environmental Impact:

Hemp is an extremely fast growing crop with little to no use for pesticides, fertilisers or herbicides. It can produce 250% more fibre than cotton using the same amount of land. Cotton is a very water and pesticide intensive plant to grow. It has a much higher environmental cost than hemp which requires much less water, grows very quickly, and uses minimal nutrients from the soil. The roots of the hemp plant also aerate the soil, leaving it rich for future crops. Amazingly it also returns 60-70% of the nutrients it takes from the soil.