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Grow Safe Spreadable Soil Microbes 3kg

A specific combination of beneficial, growth enhancing, micro-organisms (bacteria & fungi) that help move minerals and other essential nutrients for uptake by plants. Beneficial bacteria and fungi are essential to soil fertility – allowing plants to better access nutrition, improve water efficiency and overall plant performance.  Soil microbes play essential roles in maintaining healthy soils and healthy plants. They are involved in almost all nutrient transactions within the soil.

Suitable for all soil types.

Spreadable Soil Microbes Ingredients:

  • Azotobacter – Free-living Nitrogen fixing bacteria.
  • Bacilli – Assists in soil conditioning, accessing phosphorus reserves and building soil structure.
  • Mycorrhizae – Assists in plants’ mineral nutrient uptake, improves soil health and nutrient recycling processes.
  • Pseudomonas – Helps protect the plant root zone and solubilise phosphates within the soil profile.
  • Rhizobium – Fix nitrogen in the root nodules of leguminous plants.
  • Trichoderma – Improves plant health.

Spreadable Soil Microbes Application:

Can be applied in a variety of ways – be it coating the mineral granules, seed inoculation or as a liquid foliar spray.


Store in a cool, dry place.


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