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Fressko 'Lift' Glass Vacuum Flask 500ml (16 oz)

Brew As You Go - Glass Vacuum Flask:

For the free spirit, and thoughtful entertainer.

Our 500ml Glass Water Bottle is the biggest in our range.

This stylish, chemical-free, double glassed Fressko LIFT Flask, which includes Fressko's 2-in-1 “Infuse” Filter, is the perfect companion for creating your favourite fruit-infused cocktail, brewing your special tea blend or simply mixing your coffee; all while you brew as you go!

Flask Includes:

1 x Fressko LIFT 500ml / 16oz Flask
1 x Fressko 2-in-1 “Infuse” Filter
1 x Welcome Note

Recommended Uses for Fressko Flask: 

Tea, Coffee, Fruit-Water, Smoothies, Detox Recipes, Water and Juices.

How to Use the Fressko 2-in-1 Infuser:

Fruit Water – Simply remove Fressko’s 2-in-1 “Infuse” Filter, unscrew the bottom component, add your desired fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, lock the Short “Infuse” Filter component back into place and let the water soak up the nutrients.

Tea – The use of the 2-in-1 “Infuse” Filter allows any tea drinker to manually control the strength of their tea. Pop out the filter, unscrew the 2 components, add your fresh tea leaves or tea bag, screw the filter back into place, insert back into the bottle, add boiling water and let the Fressko Flask do the rest. Can be used for iced-tea too!

Coffee – Remove Fressko’s 2-in-1 Filter, add your most enjoyed instant coffee blend, screw lid back into place and go.

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