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EarthFood - 100% Organic Live Plant & Soil Superfood

EarthFood Certified 100% Organic:

EarthFood is an Australian made, certified organic plant and soil superfood, containing biodynamic organic composted materials, live microbes, and naturally occurring beneficial micro-organisms and enzymes to enhance your soil health.

Healthy Microbes in the soil allow the plant to do what plants do best – Grow!

🌱Up to 40% more food, lushness, flowers and greenery

🌱Up to 40% more protein per green leaf

🌱Up to 70% in water saving

Why Is Our Soil In Trouble?

Repeated use of chemicals, both for fertilising and pest control, constantly reduces the organic contents (ie microbes) in the soil. Over time, the ground becomes hard, compacted, and cannot retain nutrients and moisture naturally, making it more prone to drought, erosion and flooding. In fact, some recent estimates have suggested that we currently only have enough topsoil left for 40 more seasons (years) of crop growth in some areas.
Similarly, plant growth that has previously only been supported by an excessive supply of NPK (particularly nitrogen) can lead to a depletion of minerals in the soil without the support of other minerals. If the depleted mineral is needed to produce a required amino acid (the building blocks of protein) during a plant's growth, the proteins will not be properly formed, and as a result, plants fail to thrive and become more susceptible to pests and disease. This leads to a vicious cycle of having to add even more chemicals to improve productivity.

Over tillage of our soil has also released carbon that was once safely stored in our soil, back into the atmosphere - right where we don't want it and when combined with our overuse of fossil fuels, has lead us all to the climate emergency that we are all facing today.

Now here is the good news! We currently have the knowledge and capacity to restore and regenerate our soils!

Improve Your Soil Health with EarthFood:

Increasing the soil biological activity can have a multitude of benefits for our plant and soil health. After applying EarthFood to your garden, soil microbes begin to metabolise, and CO2 is given off creating a pillow of higher CO2 concentration between the soil and canopy of the crop. As the colonisation of the various microbes begins to flourish, pathogenic bacteria, fungus, and nematodes are starved and suppressed.

You will notice the appearance of your crops becoming healthier as your soil pH comes into balance and there is increased cat-ion exchange capacity, meaning more nutrients are made bioavailable to your plants. There is also increased water holding capacity, increased organic matter content, and of course an increase in biological activity in your soil resulting in humus rich, life giving, nutrient dense and water holding soil.

EarthFood is an innovative addition for both domestic and commercial agriculture. Utilising 100% safe and natural ingredients, it is a powerful solution that regenerates and enhances soil fertility, resulting in increased productivity and overall plant health. From planting crops, flowers, and vegetables to nurturing any type of plant, this multifaceted product can be safely used without worrying about burning or excessive application. EarthFood is designed to expedite soil quality that takes thousands of years for Mother Nature to produce, in a fraction of the time.

About Soil Microbes and Why We Need Them:

  • Microbes are small, single-celled organisms that occur naturally in healthy balanced soils. These include bacteria, fungi, protozoa and nematodes to name a few.
  • One single cell microbe can multiply itself 16 million times in just 24 hours.
  • Microbes consume organic matter and through a complex process convert nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and all the many trace minerals into a form which plants use to grow, forming a symbiotic relationship with the plant and each other. Plants are unable to access food from the soil without microbes.
  • Poor quality soils with little organic matter contain far less microbial populations than those of healthy soils. EarthFood is full of beneficial bacteria which constantly multiply themselves by the billions, conditioning the soil and converting nutrients into a usable plant food supply.
  • Microbes help plants to release harmful chemicals from the soil until they are eliminated.

Soil contains a wide range of microorganisms that play a crucial role in decomposing organic matter and recycling nutrients. Among these microorganisms, bacteria are the smallest and most resilient, able to survive challenging conditions such as tillage. However, bacteria are only 20-30% efficient in recycling carbon and have a high nitrogen content (3 to 10 carbon atoms for every 1 nitrogen atom, or 10 to 30% nitrogen), lower carbon content, and a short lifespan. On the other hand, mycorrhizal fungi have a carbon use efficiency of 40-55% and store and recycle more carbon (10:1 carbon to nitrogen ratio) and less nitrogen (10%) in their cells. Although more specialised, fungi require a constant food source and thrive in no-till conditions.

EarthFood Product Overview:

  • 100% natural solution that is environmentally safe.
  • Improves plant health and vigour.
  • Improves plant ability to resist pests and diseases.
  • Provides plant nutrients in a more readily absorbable form.
  • Can be used on any type of plant, crop, flower or vegetable in most situations.
  • Extends the harvesting period.
  • Produces higher yields of fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices.
  • Improves crop quality in terms of colour, texture and taste.
  • Produces crops with greater shelf life.
  • Scientifically tested and certified 100% organic.
  • Improves the nutritional value of all crops.
  • Significant cost savings compared with chemical fertilisers.
  • Solves soil compaction issues by improving soil aeration.
  • Suitable for both foliage and soil applications.
  • A complete replacement for all fertilisers, soil conditioners and biological activators.
  • May be applied through any irrigation system, including wicking beds.

Directions for Domestic Application:

Suitable for Home Gardens, Pot Plants and Lawns:

  1. Gently shake EarthFood bottle (keeping in mind these are living organisms).
  2. Mix 100 mls of concentrate with 6 litres of water (preferably non-chlorinated).
  3. Apply mixture to leaves and soil, 1-4 times per week.

EarthFood Analysis:

Nutrient Analysis -

Microbial Analysis -

  • Active Bacteria 15.4µg
Nitrifying Bacteria (N) 1.10E+08

  • Phosphorus Solubilising Bacteria (P) 1.00E+09

  • Potassium Solubilising Bacteria (K) 2.00E+08
  • Plus beneficial enzymes, natural humates & other micro-organisms.

Care Instructions for Your Live EarthFood Product:

  • Store your EarthFood in a cool dark place - between 5 and 45 degrees - ideally it should be kept inside in a laundry or kitchen cupboard, out of reach of young children and pets. Exposing the liquid to extreme heat or cold will result in the live microbes perishing.
  • Don't transfer the EarthFood concentrate into other bottles - the specially designed caps on your EarthFood bottle are breathable which allows the microbes some air, and ability to release any build-up of the natural gases they produce. Previously used storage bottles could well be contaminated with harmful bacteria or chemicals, which could cause harm to the microbes.
  • Use the mix as soon as possible - always make a single-use mix for your plants, garden or lawn application. Use a clean spray bottle or watering can, and don’t forget to make only the amount you need for a single application.
  • Add un-chlorinated water for your measured application in a spray bottle or watering can for use - the best water to use for your mix will always be rainwater, tank water, well water, spring water or strongly filtered water. If using scheme chlorinated water, apply the EarthFood onto your plants or soil within a 1 hour window of mixing for fully functional microbes. Any longer in chlorinated water, and your microbes will perish.
  • EarthFood is non-hazardous, non-toxic and 100% organic - it is bee-friendly, pet & child friendly, frog friendly and reef friendly. EarthFood turns dead dirt into healthy soils. Apply it to ALL plant types, grasses, food plants & trees, flowering plants and hydroponic plants.
  • Using EarthFood for the first time - for plants to respond well to your EarthFood applications, the soil needs first to be restructured and activated. If using any pesticides and chemical fertilisers previously, wait 10-14 days since the last application before using EarthFood. During this period, you can apply EarthFood as a spray directly to the foliage and let it dribble into the soil; that way, it will allow the microbes to bring your soil back to good health pretty quickly.
  • EarthFood shelf life - the live microbes in EarthFood are in a state of suspended animation, just waiting for a food source to wake them up and begin working for you. If stored correctly, tests have shown that EarthFood can remain viable for up to five years. If the liquid is stored correctly there will be some creamy sludge floating on top of the solution from time to time which shows that the microbes are happy and healthy.

General Precautions:

• Keep out of reach of children.
• Not to be taken.
• Wash hands after each use.
• If irritation to skin and eyes occurs, rinse with water.
• Wash all treated plants before eating.

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