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Drinking Straw Cleaning Brush - Natural Fibre

This sisal fibre cleaning brush is an eco-friendly brush for cleaning drinking straws and other items requiring a small brush to reach hard to clean areas.


Made from sisal plant fibre and metal, it's a natural and eco-friendly alternate to plastic/ nylon bristle brushes. This plant based straw cleaner is strong and will last a life time.  At the end of its life it can be composted.



  • Suitable for Cleaning 8-12mm diameter drinking straws
  • Useful to clean any item needing a small brush to reach those hard to clean spaces
  • Always let the brush dry after use and do not leave soaking in water for a long time to optimise the straw cleaner's life span
  • Compostable when no longer functioning well


Better Choice for the Earth

Plastic cleaning brushes drop bristles that are microplastic and like other microplastics, traces have been found in animals and birds, water sources, salt and even inside our own bodies. 

Plastic does not go away as it is not part of nature's food chain. Switching to alternatives that are natural, sustainable, compostable and reusable is a way to ensure we are reducing our impact on the Earth.


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