Dish Soap, 100g

Australian handcrafted Dish Soap by Urthly Organics washes your dishes the natural way. Grey water safe and perfect for reducing your chemical and plastic consumption. Safe for all dishes and gentle on hands.

Urthly Organics donate around 90 soaps per month to Home Haven Safe supporting those less fortunate or going through hardship. 


To use, swish into dish water to create suds. Alternatively cut holes into an empty tin can and place soap inside, place under running water til water is sudsy enough then place tin to drain in a container. Rinse dishes with a little white vinegar added to the rinse water.

Keep well drained between each use.


Made using saponified oil (coconut), essential oil (lemongrass, eucalyptus), sodium bicarbonate.

Certified palm oil free by Orangutan Alliance and endorsed by Palm Oil Investigations.

Biodegradable packaging.