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Vasili’s Garden Citrus Gall Wasp Spray 200g

Natural Deterrent for Citrus Gall Wasps:

Applied to citrus trees when mixed with water, this spray forms a white barrier film that prevents Gall Wasps from entering and laying eggs. Additionally, this film provides reflective properties and sun block, protecting citrus trees from heat-induced stress on hot days.

About Citrus Gall Wasp:

Citrus Gall Wasps can go undetected, yet cause severe damage to citrus trees. Eggs are laid beneath the surface of tree branches, serving as a breeding ground for larvae to grow while feeding on the tree's sap. This causes the branch to swell and impedes sap flow, weakening the tree and marring fruit production. Lemon trees are particularly vulnerable, followed by orange, lime, and mandarin varieties.

Vasili's Garden Citrus Gall Wasp Spray 200g is composed of a super-refined form of kaolin mineral. When combined with water and sprayed over citrus trees, the spray forms an impenetrable, white shield that prevents Gall Wasps from laying eggs on the tree.

Trials showed that Vasili's Garden Citrus Gall Wasp Spray 200g is also effective in controlling and decreasing the destruction caused by Codling Moth, Citrus Leaf Miner, and Pear & Cherry Slug.

Prevent Heat Stress:

In Australia, high summer temperatures can lead to significant reductions in photosynthesis and curtail growth in citrus trees. A regular application of this Spray can help to reduce canopy temperature by up to 8°C, relieving stress on the tree and allowing for earlier maturity and fruit production. This provides citrus farmers with increased financial gains from earlier yields. 

Application rate:

Frequent application (every 2-4 weeks) is necessary in order to ensure complete coverage up to the point of runoff (completely wet).

When to apply:

If using for Citrus Gall Wasp, begin application in late Winter - early Spring when the larvae emerge and the breeding/egg laying cycle is beginning again and persist through early autumn. To guard against head stress, spray or temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius. 

Initial application:

In a small container, blend 50g (3 tbsp) of CGWS powder with 1 litre of water, stirring constantly to avoid lumps. Afterwards, pour mixture into sprayer bottle, seal, and shake vigorously to completely mix ingredients.

Repeat applications:

The white residue on your plants will weather off and will need repeat treatment every 2-3 weeks (check visually when spray has noticeably gone).

Mix 25g (1½ tbsp) of CGWS powder with 1 litre of water, following the instructions provided in the initial application. Reapply every 14 to 28 days or depending on the weather. After use, rinse the sprayer with water.

Safety Precautions:

Clay Spray powder is a fine mineral - avoid using in windy conditions and use a dust mask when handling to avoid respiratory irritation. Safety glasses are recommended to avoid irritation to the eyes.

Ingredients and Size:

Natural Kaolin Clay

200g Bucket.

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