Cabbage White Butterfly or Cabbage Moth Decoys

These life like white cabbage butterfly or cabbage moths decoys will move in the wind and are used for toxin-free pest control.  A cluster of these decoys are used to trick other butterflies and moths to move on before laying their eggs.

White Cabbage Butterflies and Cabbage Moths love to lay their eggs on plants in the Brassica family and some other leafy plants with fruit families. Their preference is for broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, turnip, brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower. Their young are caterpillars and they will happily munch through our crops' leaves and fruits.

How cabbage moth decoys work

Some gardeners believe that Cabbage Butterflies and Moths are territorial and lay their eggs where the hatched caterpillars will thrive on abundant food. By positioning these lookalike decoys in amongst your brassica plants, you will help deter the butterflies and moths from settling in due to competition for the available food.

Cabbage butterfly and cabbage moth decoys are an effective tool in integrated pest management. It is important to put these decoys in place as soon as you plant your brassica seedlings, or as soon as your seeds have begun to sprout - don't wait until you see a butterfly as it will generally be too late!

Alternatives to Cabbage Moth Decoys

There are a range of pesticide free methods which can also be used to deter cabbage moths including:

  • Companion planting with fragrant herb plants
  • Netting susceptible plants
  • Removing caterpillars by hand
  • Encouraging parasitic wasps into the garden
  • Planting sacrificial plants that they also like to eat such as Nasturtiums

Dimensions of Moth Decoy

Butterfly: 55 mm x 60 mm

Metal Stem length: 500 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Graeme Donald
Cabbage moth decoys

Received 31 May 2022. Placed in veg garden immediately and have not seen the cabbage white butterflies in the garden nor anywhere near it since.
So far so good

Paul Le Fevre
White Butterfly

Very happy with quality of the product.

Thanks Paul for taking the time to write a review. Best wishes, Kate


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