Bonsai Shears 210mm

These top quality Japanese bonsai shears (scissors) are made in Japan by Sakagen. Designed to cut the branches of Bonsai trees, they are also known as Bonsai scissors or Bonsai Basami.

Sakagen is a highly respected manufacturer of traditional Japanese tools for bonsai, ikebana and floristry. Established in 1903, they continue to make products of the highest quality using a blend of traditional techniques and modern technology.

Japanese Bonsai Scissors Dimensions

210mm length


How do I care for my Japanese Bonsai Shears?

Do not use these Bonsai scissors to cut steel or wire. The blade on these Japanese Bonsai shears can be sharpened. After use, oil the blade and keep the Bonsai shears wrapped in a dry place.

Made in Japan


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