Baby Bales - Oaten Hay


Oaten Hay is a highly palatable, digestible and biodegradable fibre source cereal hay for all herbivores and foragers:

  • Refresh cage floors, kennels, hutches, pens and nesting boxes.
  • Warm, cosy, clean and fresh bedding for your family pets.
  • It is a 'sweet hay' and safe to use with small animals and birds as a balanced package of energy, protein (5-14%), fibre and water soluble carbohydrates.
  • Designed to meet the needs of people with just a few rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, rodents or birds that like to nibble or nest.

These 'BABY' sized hay bales are a minimum of 2kg when bales (approx. 20L).  They are all grown, produced and packaged on farms in the Avon Valley.

Collections: Pets, Soil Inputs and Mulch

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