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August heralds the start of the Indigenous season of Djilba, a transitional time of year with some very cold, clear days combined with warmer rainy and windy days.

This season signals the start of the wildflower explosion across the South West, which begins with cream and yellow flowering plants such as acacias. Vivid blues will start to emerge, such as the flowers of the Leschenaultia, a small Western Australian native.

Woodland birds will be nest bound, and the swooping behaviour of the Koolbardi (magpie) is likely to increase.

What are some Gardening Jobs at the start of the Djilba Season in August?

In our home gardens, there is still a small window of time for planting fruit trees and natives which will benefit from the last of the winter rains.

Spring seeds can be started indoors or in a warm outside area protected from the last chances of frost and cold, windy weather.

We have two new suppliers of seeds now in store, and we believe our selection of WA open-pollinated and heirloom seeds is one of the largest in Perth.

The best way to browse our seeds is in-store, and you can also view the majority of seeds in our range on our Seeds List page, though this list is not always complete.  Please email us with a specific request or any queries.

What are you growing in your garden this month?

Please send us your pics and stories. We always love to keep in touch via our socials (use #urbanrevolution so we see your posts), or drop us an email for any advice or questions.

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