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Urban Revolution’s Top 10 Sustainable Podcasts

  • 6 min read

Sustainability is such a hot topic right now, particularly since our COVID-19 wake up call, and is relevant to nearly all aspects of our lives. At Urban Revolution, we all aim to tread as lightly as possible on our planet, yet like many, we are all time poor these days.

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Podcasts are the perfect companion for the time-challenged individual and have become an incredibly popular way for people to get their information on topics of interest to them. Depending on your circumstances, you can deep dive on serious topics at a time convenient to you, or find something short, sweet and entertaining to distract you from the monotony of your daily commute to work.

Podcasts are also a great way to find like minded individuals who share your interests and often end up creating communities which can in turn generate feed back for content for the podcast producers.

From practical tips to help you live a little lighter on our planet, to making the most of leftovers to help reduce food waste, the latest scientific discoveries, or ways to help you eliminate common household toxins, there is a sustainable podcast for everyone.

So here is The Urban Revolution list of our top 10 favourite podcasts that cover sustainability from all angles. So grab a cuppa and tune in at your leisure!

1. The PIP Magazine Permaculture Podcast

The PIP Magazine is a favourite of our staff and customers for all things Permaculture and the podcast is the perfect companion to help you live a more self-sufficient and sustainable life.

In the podcast, Robyn Rosenfeldt, the creator of PIP, interviews a variety of people who cover everything from growing food, foraging, preserving your produce, beekeeping, making compost, keeping chickens, low-waste living and so much more.

This podcast is the perfect companion to tide you over as you wait for the latest PIP magazine to arrive in store.

Robyn Rosenfelt founder of PIP Magazine

Robyn Rosenfeldt, Creator of PIP Magazine and Podcast

2. The Little Green Pod

    We really relate to the host Fi Poole. She is also a busy mum who has created a podcast for time poor people who want to incorporate quick and easy ways to live a little lighter and greener.

    The episodes are only about 12 minutes long and are perfect bite-size pods  to help us make small changes to help save the planet with topics such as low waste kids parties, fighting fast fashion, and plastic free periods.

    3. Think: Sustainability

    This is a news-focused podcast hosted by Julia Carr-Catzel which offers practical tips on how we can all work towards a better planet.

    It is perfect for those people who enjoy facts and figures and taking a deep dive into topics such as the latest innovations and breakthroughs in research and technology that will pave the way for a sustainable future.

    Topics include: How can we repair the economy and the planet in a post-Covid world; Fighting climate change fatigue; and Is being a Vegan Sustainable?

    4. The Regenerative Journey

    One of our favourite podcasts, hosted by reformed multi-generational industrial agriculture turned Regenerative farmer Charlie Arnott.

    Podcast-The Regenerative Journey by Charlie Arnott
    The Regenerative Journey Podcast


    Charlie has a wonderful, relaxed interview style, and he and his guests share their regenerative journeys and inspirational stories all while exploring the many benefits of Regenerative practices that don’t just apply to farming communities.

    Guests include, the godfather of Regen Ag Charles Massey, Joel Salatin, filmmaker Damon Gameau, actor, director and pastoralist Rachel Ward, and rugby player David Pocock.

    If like us you care where your food comes from and how it is grown or raised, then this is the podcast for you.

    5. Use it Up – A Delicious Podcast

    Fact 1 – If food waste were a country, it would be the world’s third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases.

    Fact 2 – Food waste costs the Australian economy $20 billion per year, yet so many Australians go hungry every day.

    Let that sink in for a minute! This podcast aims to address the issue of food waste by giving you clever storage tips to help keep your produce lasting longer, inspiration on how to use up those veggies languishing in the back of your crisper, or how to turn last night's leftovers into a whole new gourmet meal.

    There are lots of recipes sure to become new family favourites. We also love the interviews with noted chefs such as Yotam Ottolenghi, Silvia Colloca and Matt Moran, who themselves are passionate about addressing food wastage.

    6. Low Tox Life Podcast

    Alexx Stuart has spent many years researching health and sustainability and was inspired to start this podcast after seeing the lack of transparency in the food we eat, the products we put on our skin and what we clean our house with.

    She interviews lots of interesting guests covering topics such as sustainability, health, fast fashion, lowering our toxic load, and how to keep mentally healthy.

    She is a big believer of the mantra that “nobody is perfect” and instead looks at how we can all make small changes, and better choices that we can all incorporate into our life if it fits in with our individual circumstances.

    The episodes are on the long side, with most of them over an hour, so this is definitely one podcast that may require more than one cup of (organic) tea - the perfect opportunity for some “me” time!

    Low Tox Life Podcast
    Low Tox Life Podcast


    7. Plant Proof Podcast

    Full disclaimer – most of us are in the omnivore camp, however, we really enjoy this podcast and definitely don’t feel excluded as a non-vegetarians/vegans.

    We all know that eating less meat, particularly industrially farmed meat, is definitely something we should all be doing, however, there is definitely no judgment or preaching to convert everybody to full veganism.  Instead, the host,  Simon, who is a plant based nutritionist, has a lovely, gentle interview style with a broad range of people.

    From public figures, to doctors and researchers, to plant based athletes, he and his guests cover topics such as climate change, the impacts our food choices have on the planet, regenerative agriculture, hidden agendas in science and preventing chronic diseases.

    The Plant Proof Podcast
    The Plant Proof Podcast


    8. All the Dirt – Gardening, Sustainability, Food

    This is a wonderful homegrown podcast from our own state of WA, hosted by Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe who together have decades of gardening, sustainability and environmental knowledge to share with us.

    Together with their knowledgeable and also mostly local guests, they give plenty of seasonal garden advice (relevant to our growing conditions in WA), DIY inspiration, environmental awareness to help our planet, and delicious recipes from local chefs.

    They also cover important topics such as fire prevention, building resilient communities, the relationship between healthy soils and healthy food, protecting our native bees, and recycling waste materials.

    Featured guests include WA’s own Chris Ferreira, Josh Byrne, Sabrina Hahn, Vince Gareffa and Ross Mars, as well as Permaculture Co-Founder David Holmgren, Matthew Evans of Gourmet Farmer fame and Gardening Australia’s Costa Georgiadis. So listen to All the Dirt and then go get your hands in the dirt! 

    All the Dirt Podcast Logo
    All The Dirt Podcast


    9. Sustainable World Radio

    As students of Permaculture, this podcast is right up our alley. And if you are wondering “What the heck is Permaculture?”, then prepare to be enlightened!

    Permaculture revolves around the three ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share and the episodes of this podcast focus on positive and practical solutions to our current environmental challenges that reflect these ethics.

    As the title suggests, this is a podcast on a global scale, and while the host is American, the guests are from all over the world with backgrounds in design, teaching, science, and environmental activism.

    They offer an insight into topics such as urban homesteading, the wisdom of weeds, food security, how to harvest water on your property, preserving our organic and heirloom seeds, and how Permaculture is helping to heal the land and community in Africa.

    Every time we listen to these episodes, we feel a little less despair at the state of the world as the podcasts overwhelmingly focus on positive nature-based solutions that make us believe it is possible for us to change the world for the better.

    Sustainable World Radio Podcast - Permaculture and Ecology
    Sustainable World Radio Podcast


    10. Sustainababble

    Host’s Ollie and Dave are confused just like the rest of us when it comes to the mixed messages we receive on a daily basis about the environment, sustainability and saving the planet, so they have made it their mission to sift through the information and mis-information we get fed by the media, politicians, extreme activists and big corporations on this weekly podcast.

    Who are the real villains? And who are just plain incompetent? All will be revealed on this British based, funny, and irreverent take on topical issues such as bottom trawling of our oceans, eco-anxiety, pangolins and the pandemic, melting glaciers, school strikes and more.

    It’s the podcast on serious topics that doesn’t take itself too seriously and frankly, it’s a welcome relief!

    Sustainababble Podcast Image of Presenters
    Sustainababble Podcast


    What is your Favourite Sustainable Podcast? 

    Well, there you have it! These are our top ten sustainable podcasts. We hope you enjoy listening to a few or all of these and please feel free to share your thoughts on these podcasts via our blog or on our socials, or share others that you enjoy that are not on this list because…well….sharing is caring!!

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