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Top Tips for Saving Water in the Shower

  • 2 min read

Showers account for almost 22% of the average household water use, so it makes sense that saving water in the shower will have a significant impact on saving water in the home.

Often people think that a bath wastes water but if you bathe wisely it can use less water than a shower. This will depend on a range of factors such as the size and depth of the bath tub, the type of shower head you use and how long you shower for.

How to save water in the bath

feet in bath tub with soap

To save water in the bath, don't overfill the tub and keep an eye on the temperature. Adding more water to get to the ideal temperature can quickly lead to an over full tub.

Consider using your leftover bath water on the garden, as long as you are using non toxic soaps and shampoos. Have you ever used your leftover bath water to wash the car or your dog?!

How to save water in the shower

To save water in the shower, aim to get your shower time down to four minutes or less. Use a shower timer or your favourite four minute song to help time your showers. Switching off the water when you don't need it to flow, such as when shaving, can also save plenty of water.

Lady in shower cubicle

Put a bucket in the shower to collect the wasted water while you wait for the water temperature to rise. You could catch up to 10 litres per minute while you are not in the shower. Some people even shower while standing in a wide bucket and then use the collected water on the garden afterwards.

Installing a water efficient shower head could save your household 20,000 litres of water a year. Look for the stars on the WELS label - more stars means it is more water efficient. It is also important to check the flow rate - to be considered water efficient, a showerhead must use less than 9 litres of water per minute.

Shower head

Don't brush your teeth in the shower - this can use up to nine litres of water in a minute. Brushing your teeth in the sink is much more water efficient - don't forget to turn off the tap while you brush.

For more tips and advice check out the Water Corporation website.


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