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Stay Safe From COVID-19 Without Harming The Earth

  • 2 min read

In a time when cleaning and hygiene has never been so imperative, we love that every one of our cleaning products has minimal impact on the Earth so that we canstay safe during the CoronaVirus pandemic without harming our planet. We hope these resources and ideas help you to protect the Earth and your health during these crazy times.


Soap And Water Is The Most Effective Disinfectant

Let's start off by saying that you actually don't need any nasty chemicals or commercial "disinfectant" products to kill bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19. In fact, regular soap and water is actually far more reliable and effective!

This engaging video explains how soap works against viruses when it comes to washing your hands, and this article explains the science behind how soap and water "kills" viruses.

Natural soap for killing coronavirus


Earth-Friendly Hand Hygiene During The Time Of CoronaVirus

With regular soap and water being the best way to kill the virus, start up a regular hand-washing routine using zero waste and greywater-safe soap; such as our everyday soap, organic soap from the Family Hub, Lorbeer soap, or make your own liquid hand soap using soap berries. See our full natural soap range here.

If you do feel the need for hand sanitiser (or need an on-the-go solution) and are running low, consider making your own without the toxic chemicals

Coronavirus natural hand sanitiser and soap


Keeping Your Home CoronaVirus-Free

When it comes to disinfecting surfaces (making sure COVID-19 isn't being spread through touching doorknobs etc.) and cleaning shared household items, perhaps consider where you could substitute more sustainable solutions. 

Many people are realising the economic, environmental, and health benefits of switching to reusable cleaning products - with regular cleaning and disinfecting of the reusable item of course! Putting your reusable cleaning/hygiene products through the wash with a natural laundry detergent (such as laundry powderlaundry soap, or soap berries) should safely inactivate the COVID-19 virus.

For kitchen cleaning, consider coconut fibre scrubbing brushes, or reusable, natural cleaning cloths

One of our favourite suppliers is Paula W; a local Vic Park woman who hand-makes a whole range of kitchen, personal care, and cleaning products from upcycled materials. Her range includes personal hygiene items like hankies, baby wipes, face cloths, wash bags, and make-up remover pads to kitchen and cleaning essentials like cleaning cloths, sponges, "unpaper" paper towels, and multi-purpose reusable wipes. Click here to see her full range of upcycled products online. Paula W's items are clean, durable, beautiful, and sustainable solutions. Plus, every one of Paula's products saves waste from landfill (through upcycling and replacing single-use items) and has virtually no carbon footprint.

You can also see our full range of cleaning and hygiene products online here.

Paula W local hand-made upcycled cleaning products such as hankies, wipes, wash bags Natural kitchen soaps and detergents Natural cleaning products such as dish brushes and cleaning cloths 

We truly wish everyone is keeping safe and well during this pandemic. We are all in this together. 

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