How To Avoid Single-Use Plastic & Home-Made Zero Waste Cracker Recipe


This month's sitting lightly tips are how to avoid single-use plastic.

Why is this a problem?

The problem with plastic is it is made to last forever.  It really is an amazing material.

All one-use plastics that package much of our food and products become waste immediately and the planet holds onto this waste long after we are gone.

The plastic breaks down into micro plastics which release toxic chemical additives they are made from into the Earth. These micro plastics are now in animals and sea life and causing all kinds of health concerns for us all.

 What is the solution?

The solution is to avoid these foods and products packaged in plastic and find alternatives. Following are six tips on how to replace them:

  1. Buy groceries and personal products at bulk stores using your own containers
  2. Take a variety of your own shopping bags and produce sized bags for all fruit and veg shopping and preference your local markets and independent supermarkets over Coles and Woolies
  3. Put together a kit to keep in your car to include cutlery, plates, a range of cups, bags and containers. This ensures you won't be caught out when out and about
  4. Source quick and easy recipes to make some foods you love and can only be found in single-use plastic
  5. Make your own personal products or seek out those in compostable packaging.  There is much information online on DIY product methods.  Pip Magazine Issue 3 - The Mushroom Issue has a range of solutions too.
  6. Replace single use kitchen wrapping with bees wax wraps, Agreena, containers, use plates as lids and preserve fruit and veg in food storage systems like The Swag Bags or second hand Tupperware breathable fruit and veg containers

Home Made Crackers Recipes

Crackers are hard to buy outside of plastic and popular with kids and adults.  Following are two recipes. 

These two Sunflower Crackers and Dehydrated Cracker recipes are from Pip Magazine Issue 12 - The Microscopic Issue. 

Sunflower seed cracker recipe Dehydrator cracker recipe

This next Seed Cracker recipe is from the label of a pre-mix package at The Source Bulk Foods in Vic Park.  You can buy all the ingredients in bulk there too. These ones also have chia seeds.

How to Recycle One-Use Soft Plastic

    Currently the best place to leave one-use soft plastics are in REDcycle collection bins at the front of Coles and Woolies stores. Go to REDCycle for bin locations and other useful info.

    For more ideas on reducing your plastic waste check out our Reducing Plastic Waste in the Laundry article!

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