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Meet the Makers - Part One

  • 3 min read

We are passionate about sourcing products from local Australian makers and so happy to be able to offer our customers a wide range of Australian made homewares, gardening, cleaning and personal care products.

We thought you'd like to meet some of our very wonderful and local Australian suppliers, so here's a little bit about four of our favourites: 

Paula from PaulaW

Paula is based (literally) around the corner to our Perth store and she makes a range of products from up cycled fabrics which she often delivers to the store on foot.

Her popular No-Sponge Sponges are made from up-cycled fabrics and filled with fabric off-cuts. They are machine washable, reusable, 100% compostable and biodegradable. With different textures on each side, we love using these Earth-friendly kitchen sponge alternatives 💕.

No sponge scourers made by PaulaW

PaulaW's popular No Sponge Sponges and No Sponge Scourers

Paula has loved sewing, knitting and crocheting for as long as she can remember. Her most treasured memories are sorting through her mum's button tin as a young girl in the highlands of Scotland and using old fabrics to make clothes for all her dolls and teddies.

Paula has now created her own brand PaulaW and loves working with items other people have discarded or no longer have a need for. Located in Victoria Park, Western Australia, Paula brings new life to these items and still removes buttons and adds them to her treasured button tin.

Brenda from EnviroBren

Brenda Wilkinson, also known as EnviroBren, makes a range of personal care items such as the awesome range of VDeo Vegan Deodorants and Mudnificent Clay Masks.

The idea for EnviroBren came about in 2012 when Brenda and her fiancé, Steve, went to Borneo to take part in the Greenpeace Borneo Jungle Challenge. They witnessed first hand the indiscriminate devastation wreaked on the jungle to make way for palm oil plantations.

On the descent from climbing Mount Kinabalu, the name EnviroBren popped into Brenda's head and she set up a Facebook page about the environment and animals.

Brenda Wilkinson laughing in store

EnviroBren often visits the store to deliver stock and help with merchandising displays

In 2014 Steve and Brenda set up the EnviroBren business in Perth which is based on being palm oil free, cruelty free, organic and eco aware.  EnviroBren gives people the opportunity to make kinder, more compassionate and healthier choices.

Brian from Rippa Woodturning

Brian Kirkby of Rippa Woodturning is a talented craftsman and woodturner who makes a range of items for our store including newspaper pot makers, dibbers, seedling flats and seedling flat templates.

Many of his products are made using recycled pine timber which is sourced from factory refuse containers, thus reducing landfill. Most of the timber is reclaimed from packing crates or pallets and is locally grown Pinus radiata.

Jo and Brian designed the seedling flat products together and these were the first products sold under the Urban Revolution name.

Rippa Woodturning newspaper pot makers large and small

Newspaper pot makers made from recycled timber by Bryan Kirkby of Rippa Woodturning

Brian is a member of the Swan Woodturners Association and also sells a variety of beautifully wood-turned pieces at country markets or by request. 

Paul and Linda from The Green Life Soil Co.

Based in the Eastern suburbs of Perth, Paul and Linda Mitchener run The Green Life Soil Co and supply a range of their high quality certified organic soils and garden products to our store including their seed raising mix and green manure mix.

Linda and Paul Mitchener from Green Life Soil Co 

Linda and Paul Mitchener, of Green Life Soil Co both hold Permaculture Design Certificates

Since 2001 they have been sharing their passion for growing food and living sustainably. They get excited about growing food - and want other people to experience the joy of that, too.

They formulate and make a range of quality soil mixes on site at their premises in Middle Swan, and have worked hard to continually improve their products, achieving Organic Certification on several mixes in 2008.

They believe it is important to use less chemicals in the garden - to promote biodiversity and to live more sustainably. They both hold Permaculture Design Certificates and enjoy Lindy Hop dancing in their spare time!

Do you have favourite local Australian makers?

We love supporting all local makers, and would love to hear from you if you find someone making something locally that you think we should stock in store.

Watch this space for more profiles of our Australian makers coming soon.

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