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How to make an eco friendly party popper

  • 3 min read
Ever wanted to make your own Party Poppers? Thanks to our friends at Earth Greetings, here's a step by step guide to crafting some DIY Eco-Friendly Party Poppers (without using a balloon)!

Use your leftover Christmas paper to create your own Eco-Friendly Party Poppers (without balloons)

Looking for an Earth friendly alternative to disposable party poppers? Making your own can be so much fun and a great way to use up all those left over toilet rolls and bits and pieces of Christmas wrapping paper. You can keep these on hand for the next birthday party or any time you need a confetti fix.

Are Party Poppers Bad for the Environment?

Party poppers have been a staple at birthday celebrations and on New Years Eve for many of us since childhood. While seeing who can launch their popper string the highest or get it to land in grandma’s hair may seem like a little harmless frivolity, traditional party poppers are actually not fun at all for our planet. Primarily made from plastic that is not recyclable, party poppers are not biodegradable and end up in landfill or in our oceans and waterways, posing a threat to wildlife. 

The good news is we can make our own, earth-friendly party poppers in a jiffy with bits and pieces we have around the house. 

Materials to make your own eco-friendly party poppers

Toilet roll 
Left over recycled wrapping paper 
Rubber band or hair tie (Don’t buy new - we all have some of these lying around!)
Tissue paper
Washi tape or tape of choice

 eco party popper materials

How to DIY eco-friendly party poppers

Step 1: Cut the toilet roll and add the rubber band

Cut a slit in the top end of the toilet roll approximately 2 cm or a third of the length of the toilet roll. Cut another slit the same length on the opposite side of the top end of the toilet roll. 

Scissors cutting toilet roll
Insert the rubber band through the slits and pull over the bottom end of the toilet roll. Adjust slit lengths if necessary to suit the rubber band. It should comfortably fit over the bottom end of the toilet roll with out being too loose or tight. There should be a little tension and you should be able to pull it back. 

Once you have the right balance, remove the rubber band from the bottom end and let it hang to the side.


Step 2: Cover the bottom with tissue paper

Cut a small circle of tissue paper, just enough to comfortably cover the bottom of the toilet roll. Place the tissue paper over the bottom of the toilet roll and secure in place with another rubber band or some washi tape. 

DIY party popper

Step 3: Make your party popper’s confetti

Gather up some leftover Christmas wrapping paper and either cut into small pieces or use a hole punch to create confetti.

Tip your confetti into the toilet roll. Once the confetti is inside, use another small round of tissue paper to cover the top end of the toilet roll to stop the confetti falling out. Secure with washi tape.

Step 4: Decorate your party popper

Using a piece of wrapping paper cover the outside of the toilet roll and secure with washi tape. Washi tape can also be used to add a little extra flair to your popper.

Step 5: Create the pull tab for the party popper

party popper pull tab

Cut a small strip of paper or a piece of washi tape and fold over the rubber band to create a tab. This will be pulled back to launch the confetti.

Hooray! Your party popper is complete and ready for the next celebration. You can get creative decorating your poppers and personalising them for your family or party guests.

With thanks to Earth Greetings for images and text.

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