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4 Ways To Eat And Drink Out Without Single-Use Plastic

  • 2 min read

Over 373 million plastic water bottles find their way into landfill and the natural environment every year (1). This isn't mentioning the billions more of coffee cups, smoothie/juice cups, takeaway containers, plastic cutlery and more that are used once and then thrown into landfill. Many people are realising the magnitude of waste this creates and are switching to reuseable takeaway solutions - woohoo!

In the move towards eliminating single-use plastic, having good alternatives on hand is essential. Get into the habit of having eco-friendly alternatives on hand for when you need them:

  1. Keep a reusable coffee cup, stainless steel straw and bamboo or metal travel cutlery set in your bag. Take a reusable water bottle out with you and having a reusable container or lunch box ready to collect a takeaway meal in if you need it.
  2. If you are worried about the quality or taste of tap water in your reusable water bottle, use a stick of Tosa Binchotan (a totally natural, plastic free, and portable water filter).
  3. Have a reusable cup for your drink of choice, such as an insulated tumbler for smoothies, juices, milkshakes, and ice coffees or a reusable bubble tea cup and straw. Perhaps a wine tumbler or flask is more your style.
  4. Opt for compostable picnic and party tableware such as palm leaf plates and wooden cutlery. We also love reusable & plastic-free picnic and camping equipment.

If you are unsure where to start, a reusable coffee cup and reusable straw are two of the best swaps to start with because disposable coffee cups and straws can never be recycled!

Reusable bubble tea smoothie cup and straw Plastic free picnic products Reusable metal cutlery in colourful travel tin


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