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How To Eliminate Plastic Bin Liners In The Kitchen

  • 1 min read

60% of the average Australian domestic bin is made up of organic material, including 40% food waste and 20% garden waste (1). That means you could reduce your household waste by a whopping 60% with just one change to your home! 

One awesome home solution for organic kitchen waste is the Bokashi compost system! This small, easy, and simple compost bucket takes virtually all organic material and turns it into valuable outputs for you to use around the home. Read this article to learn more about how the Bokashi Compost Bucket works.

Our wonderful Jo from Urban Revolution explains all about the Bokashi compost system in this short video tutorial, and shows us how using an easy solution like this eliminates the need for a plastic bin liner, and therefore eliminates one of the most common single-use plastic items in the kitchen!



If you'd like to know more, here are some of our other plastic-free and composting articles: 




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