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Seven Tips for a Thriving Summer Worm Farm

As we navigate the hot days of Summer we need to keep a good eye on our worm farm's environment and ensure our wonderful worms are happy in their worm farm.

feeding worms in worm cafe

If your worms are climbing out of the bedding mix or congregating under the lid of your worm cafe, they are stressed and you need to take action or they will likely die when it gets to the 40+ degree days.

Worm cafe with plants on veranda

Here are some useful tips to keep your worms thriving this Summer:

  1. Move the worm farm into a shadier spot. It is especially important to protect worms from the hot afternoon sun from the West.
  2. If you can't move your worm cafe, lean something up against the hot sides like thick cardboard, an old door, carpet or a few layers of shade cloth
  3. Ensure the lid allows good air circulation.
  4. Top up the worm bedding mix so they can dive deep into the cooler spots and leave a thick layer of shredded paper, straw or coir on the top
.worm bedding coir block
  5. Provide an insulation layer on the top of the bedding using our jute worm farm blanket, chemical free carpet or thick cardboard.
  6. On very hot days cool the worm farm down using frozen ice bricks, water bottles or similar placed on top of the worm farm lid.
  7. Don't be tempted to overwater as worms need a damp environment similar to a squeezed out sponge.
  8. Freeze their food scraps for a special icy treat!

For extra peace of mind, monitor the temperature of your worm farm with this 4-in-1 worm farm tester which also measures pH, moisture and light.

Inside a worm farm

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January 19, 2021

Can also freeze their food and leave lid slightly off to allow more air flow over damp cover

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