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3 Handy Phone Apps To Use In The Garden

  • 2 min read

There are mountains of gardening information all over the internet but for most gardeners, we still have so many questions that can't be answered by a generalised gardening blog. The team from Urban Revolution have come together to share some gardening phones apps that we find useful in our own gardens and hope that they can help you out too!

*We are not affiliated with any of these apps, we have just tried them and found them useful ourselves.

Man holding phone in the garden


1. Gardenate

Use this app to find out what to sow now, how to sow them (in seed trays or directly into the garden) and what seedlings to plant out. Choose your climate (Perth is technically a Mediterranean climate but can be grouped into a Warm Temperate climate for these kinds of apps that don't offer more specific climates) and see info for different months of the year. You can also browse their plant database, keep track of plants in your garden, start a wishlist and keep a garden diary. Very affordable at only $2.99 from the Apple App Store.

Screenshot of Gardenate iPhone app


2. Sun Seeker

This sun tracker and compass app uses augmented reality on your smartphone screen to see where the sun will be at different times during different seasons - very useful for figuring out which parts of your garden will get the most and least sun. As Jo from Urban Revolution says: you can "pretend to be a plant" to figure out the best locations for planting!

This app has lots of clever features but is a little more of an investment at $14.99. There are a few similar apps that are cheaper versions that aren't as clever but may do the job.

Sun seeker iPhone app screenshot


3. PictureThis

Ever had a plant spring up in the garden that you didn't know what it was? Or had a plant start to look a little sickly but didn't know what was wrong? This clever app uses photo recognition to identify plants and diagnose problems as well as provide care information, reminders, community sharing and gardening guides.

PictureThis guides screenshot PictureThis plant identifier screenshot


Give these apps a go and let us know if you find them as useful as we do!

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