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Bokashi One Composting Mix - 4kg

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Bokashi One Composting Mix - 4kg:

Save a little time, energy and money by buying 4kg of Bokashi One Composting Mix, supplied to you in a hessian sack. After transferring the Bokashi Mix to an airtight container for optimum storage, use the hessian sack as a one-season grow bag or a blanket for your worm farm, or simply add it to your compost pile.

Also Available: FILL YOUR OWN CONTAINER IN STORE AT $1.20/100g 

Bokashi One Mix is made here in Australia using a mixture of wheat bran and rice husks that have been sprayed with a group of micro-organisms that exist freely in nature.

Why Use Bokashi Mix?

Bokashi One Mix ferments the waste in the Bokashi One Bucket to break down your kitchen waste and eliminates any unpleasant odours.

When the waste is buried in the soil, the mix accelerates the breakdown of the waste and adds life and nutrients to the soil.

Bokashi One Mix can also be used as a great compost starter too!

The Bokashi One system enables us to not send kitchen waste to landfill and improve our soil.

What is Bokashi Mix?

The dry ingredients in the mix are simply a carrier and food source for the micro-organisms which are dormant when dry in the packaging and activate again when added to your waste.  

Bokashi One Mix is dried thoroughly so it can be stored for years with no loss of effectiveness.

How Does Bokashi Mix Work?

The principal micro-organisms in Bokashi One Mix are lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, photosynthetic bacteria, actinomycetes and fungi. These living organisms secrete beneficial substances such as antioxidants, vitamins, organic acids and chelated minerals which, when buried with the waste in the garden, build a healthier, stronger and more disease-resistant soil.

In simple terms, they work rather like pro-biotics do in the human digestive system - addition of effective micro-organisms creates good bacteria which compete against harmful bacteria.

By adding microbes to your soil instead of synthetic fertilisers, you are enhancing the soil’s structure and health.  Soil containing organic matter and microbes:

  • aids the creation of humus molecules
  • is airier and looser
  • promotes root growth for your plants
  • retains more moisture and nutrients which promotes a healthier, happier garden
  • encourages the presence of soil organisms such as earthworms

All great news for your garden!

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