Eco Wooden Stake
Perfect Wooden Stakes for Your Garden Sourced and milled from sustainable plantations, these eco wooden garden stakes are the perfect match for GREENGUARD-POP tree guards.  Eco Wooden Tree Stake Dimensions: 750mm H x 15mm x 25mm Eco Wooden Tree Stake Details: Pointed end Sustainably sourced...
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Greenguard - Midi Cardboard Tree Guard
Eco-Friendly Replacement for Plastic Sleeve Tree Guards GREENGUARD-MIDI  is a new addition to our plastic-free range - a plastic-free tree guard made from cardboard. Plastic sleeve tree guards often collapse and take time to install properly. GREENGUARD-MIDI takes half the...
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Greenguard - Mini Cardboard Tree Guard
A great replacement for 2L milk carton guards or plastic sleeve tree guards, these Greenguard plastic-free tree guards are made from cardboard.  Milk carton tree guards often contain significant amounts of wax and plastic. This makes them more difficult to...
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Greenguard - Pop Cardboard Tree Guard
Biodegradable Tree Guard GREENGUARD-POP is the only truly plastic-free, biodegradable and recyclable tree guard. ​With GREENGUARD-POP, we can help eliminate plastic corflute/plastic-coated/plastic sleeve tree guards, from our environment. If not retrieved, plastic tree guards break down in the environment and can...
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