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December Product Reviews: Eco-Friendly Summer Must-Haves!

  • 4 min read

We are always searching for new products at Urban Revolution that are as natural, sustainable, ethical, and local as possible.

An ideal Urban Revolution product is made from renewable materials that are compostable, cause no harm to the water table and the environment, and are made as near to our store as possible to promote local economy and reduce CO2 miles. These conditions are not easy to achieve and we are forever reviewing our product range.

This December we'd love to introduce you to six of our favourite Summer products - the majority of which are brand new to our eco store and we are super excited to have them! These items are awesome for the Christmas season and Summer in general. Have a read and see what you think!


1. Plastic-Free Hair Ties by Kooshoo

plastic free compostable biodegradable hair ties

These are the first and only compostable hair ties in the world! We are so impressed with the lengths Kooshoo have gone to to ensure that this product is as environmentally friendly and ethically made as possible.

Most hair ties are made from synthetic fabrics which contain plastics that end up polluting our land and oceans. Kooshoo hair ties on the other hand are made from natural rubber and certified organic cotton, making them 100% biodegradable. Kind to your hair and Mother Earth, they are designed to last in your hair without pulling or slipping and can be composted at the end of their lives.

Kooshoo have gone the extra mile to also use only certified organic dyes and ethically produce all their products in fair trade certified facilities.

We knew we had to have this product in our eco store the moment we heard about it, and are so stoked that they have arrived just in time for Christmas.


2. Wooden Butter Moulds

Butter mould flower celebration

These gorgeous butter moulds add the perfect touch to special meals with friends and family. These simple, wooden, one-piece moulds are a quick and easy way to turn your serving butter into a beautiful feature piece.

Sally from Urban Revolution loved trying out the butter moulds at home and found them easy to use. Check out our blog on How To Use Wooden Butter Moulds to see how they work.

These moulds come in small and large sizes with varying patterns and pair well with our butter paddles and glass butter dishes.


3. Plastic-Free Razors by Nära

Nara razors, shave oil, and blade bank

Razors are one of those bathroom essentials that a plastic-free solution can be hard to find. We are thrilled to now stock this Australian shaving range from Nära, including safety razors, shaving oils, replaceable blades, and blade banks - all 100% plastic free from product to packaging.

Aussie-designed from solid brass, Nära razors come in black or gold, are 100% recyclable, and use replaceable stainless steel blades. Your first razor comes with 5 blades and, as each blade comes to the end of its life, they can be placed in the Blade Bank tin to be recycled when full.

Nära's nourishing shave oils are made from all natural, plant-based ingredients (citrus or rose geranium options) and also come in reusable or recyclable bottles with compostable labels. 

We've been looking for an eco-friendly shaving solution for some time now and are thrilled to finally have this awesome, sustainable product range on our shelves in time for Summer. We also love that Nära donate 5% of every purchase towards helping 5 Gyres combat plastic pollution! Love it.


4. Coconut Palm Brooms by Eco Max

Coconut palm broom rake

It's the time of year that people really start focusing on tidying up the house, yard, and back veranda ready for guests! From Christmas, to Boxing Day, to New Years, there are lots of celebrations going down. Why not consider using more sustainable alternatives to help you with the cleanup this year? If you're in the market for a new broom, consider choosing a plastic-free, environmentally friendly option.

Our Coconut Palm Brooms are ideal for sweeping and raking outdoor areas. They will rake leaves from grass without pulling up the roots and work better than a broom on pebbles, concrete, rockeries and rough surfaces.

The bristles are made from the centres of coconut palm fronds and are bound with coconut fibre string to the sustainable timber handle. They are plastic free from top to bottom and are fully compostable at the end of their lives. 

If you're in need of a softer broom, we also love our Coconut Fibre Brooms with their eucalyptus wood handles.


5. Eco-friendly Christmas Decorations

Glass star pendant christmas decorations

Reduce your waste this Christmas by decorating the house with beautiful and compostable decorations!

We love our Compostable Christmas Bunting Kits because they are the perfect alternative to plastic tinsel and bunting. Made from 100% compostable materials (like paper and cotton), this Christmas bunting is totally biodegradable when it eventually reaches the end of it's life. Any decorations that can be returned to the Earth when their use is finished rather than going to landfill or polluting oceans is a big yes from us!

Other eco-friendly Christmas decorations include our paper table confetti, Christmas paper chains, bamboo pendants, and glass star pendants.

For a time of year when conventional household waste is at its peak, it is great to have an alternative product to offer people looking for lower impact decorations.

Find more tips on reducing your impact on the Earth this Christmas in our waste less Christmas article here - Have a Merry Zero Waste Christmas


6. The Waterpot Ollas

The Waterpot Ollas

Another brand new store favourite, the Waterpot Ollas don't just look pretty, they water your garden for you! 

Ollas (pronounced oy-yah) are an ancient irrigation method. When buried up to its neck and filled with water, the porous terracotta Waterpot keeps the surrounding soil moist, eliminating the need for surface watering AND using 50-70% less water! These gorgeous creations are certainly a winner, saving you time and water. You just have to make sure to top up the pot every week or so when it's water level starts getting low. 

Here's another photo of a Waterpot Olla in action:

The Waterpot Olla


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