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The Worm Buffet - In Ground Worm Farm, from Tumbleweed

Worm Buffet or Worm Tower Composting System

Reduce your carbon footprint by composting food waste at home in this Worm Buffet In Ground Worm Farm, from Tumbleweed. Worms deliver nutrients directly into the surrounding soil, aerating and enriching it, so there is no need to harvest castings. 

  • Recycles 1-2kg of organic kitchen waste every week
  • Perfect to install in a raised garden or veggie bed
  • Easy to install and use
  • Recyclable packaging can be used in your Worm Buffet

Made in Australia, from 100% recycled plastic.

The Worm Buffet In Ground Worm Farm Dimensions:

  • Width: 31cm
  • Height: 49.5cm

The Worm Buffet In Ground Worm Farm Installation:

  1. Snap sides together and attach lid.
  2. Choose your location. Dig a 40 x 40cm hole, position Worm Buffet and loosely backfill.
  3. Add a Worm Farm Bedding Block or shredded cardboard.
  4. Add compost worms.
  5. Feed your worms with 1-2kg of kitchen scraps every week.

Included with Worm Farm:

  • Worm Buffet In Ground Worm Farm or Worm Tower
  • Instruction manual.

Also Required:

  • Around 500 composting worms (not included) or use the Carbon and Nitrogen layer composting method

For best results we recommend using with the Tumbleweed Worm Farm Bedding Block and Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Miranda Hocking

The worm buffet is easy to assemble and place in a raised garden bed. Good quality structure. I'm happy with this purchase.


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