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Soil pH Testing Kit

Soil pH Testing Kit

Why Test pH of Soil?

For optimum growth and health, plants need to grow in soil with the right pH or acidity/alkalinity. Test the pH of your soil easily, efficiently and inexpensively using this Soil pH Test Kit. 

How to test the pH of your Soil?

Simply mix the pH Indicator Liquid through a sample of soil, add pH Indicator Powder, and match the resultant coloured sample against the pH Reference Chart.

Consider adding NutraRich Mature Compost, green manure or animal manure to increase soil acidity naturally and without harmful chemicals.

Included in pH Tester Kit:

  • pH Indicator Liquid
  • pH Indicator Powder
  • Reference Colour Chart
  • Up to 100 samples can be tested


The pH of the soil affects plant growth.  If the pH is too acidic (less than 5.5) or alkaline (over 7.5) particular nutrients become less available to the plant. This can result in plant growth and performance being greatly affected and can affect microbial soil activity.

pH Affect on Nutrient Availability in Soil


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
So easy to use

This kit makes it so easy to be able to test my soil in a quick, simple and easy to use manner.
I’m loving using this kit to ensure my soil is going make my plants and vegetables happy so I can get the most out of my garden. This simple scientific method is a fascinating component in expanding my gardening knowledge 😊


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