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Brix Refractometer for Fruit and Vegetables

Add a little science to your home grown produce efforts by using a Brix Refractometer to measure Total Soluble Solids in your crops. This allows you to monitor the results of your gardening efforts.

How the Brix Refractometer Works

This device measures the amount by which light bends as it passes through a drop of liquid. Higher levels of sugars, proteins, vitamins and minerals in your produce will give higher Brix readings. Some growers believe that Brix readings equate to nutrient density levels, and comparing your measurements to reference tables can indicate the quality of your produce.

Brix readings can be affected by moisture levels and temperature, so it's important to take successive readings at the same time of day using freshly harvested produce. This high quality meter does have ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) to assist with standardising sampling.

Brix Refractometer Features

  • Brix scale 0-32
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Portable, for on site use
  • Hard plastic case
  • No batteries required

A Brix percentage of 0-32 captures the range required to measure sucrose values in fruit and vegetables.  Refer to product reference tables to find the right Brix meter scale for your application.

Customer Reviews

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Fascinating new toy

The brix meter is a fascinating new toy for us and we are using the data we are getting to inform us about which direction to go in improving our soil. It has opened a whole new world of gardening that we hadnt known existed.


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