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Mosaic Bee Baths by Paulette

Bee Baths To Provide Insects With Water In Our Gardens

A bee bath is a shallow water feeder for your garden for all our useful pollinating and pest management guests such as honey and native bees, dragonflies, hover-flies, lacewings, butterflies, lady beetles, and wasps to name a few.

Why Do We Need Bee Baths in Our Garden?

Insects play such an important role in our garden by pollinating our food crops and helping with pest management by feasting on the bugs eating our crops and plants that we don't want in our garden.

Without these busy workers in the garden, we would not have beautiful blooms or fruit and vegetables to harvest so it makes sense to ensure they have what they need and give them easy access water!

Bee Bath Features:

A bee bath is shallower than a bird bath and allows the bees to access the water so they can step down and drink without drowning.

You can add a few extra large pebbles for additional landing spots. 

Aside from their practicalities, they are such a beautiful decorative addition to your garden too! 

These Bee Baths will make a treasured gift for the garden lover in your life.

Designs vary and can also be made to order if you have a specific design in mind!  Send us an email for your requests.

* Please contact us for photos of current designs in store. Stands are not included.*

Bee or Insect Bath Dimensions:

  • Diameter - 29cm
  • Depth - 4cm

About the Maker:

These unique and gorgeous bee baths have been lovingly hand-crafted locally in South Perth by the effervescent and nature-loving Paulette.

Starting with broken teacups and teapots, then pots, then bee baths and finally bird baths.. all things are getting mosaiced!  Paulette also runs workshops.

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