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Home Grown Indoor Plant Foliar Tonic 500ml - Hort With Heart

Home Grown Indoor Plant Foliar Tonic 500ml:

Home Grown Tonic is a 100% plant based liquid foliar fertiliser that enhances plant growth with amino acids, plant hormones and vital nutrients. This tonic is made to increase vibrancy of foliage colour and encourage faster stem, leaf and root development by stimulating enzymes that promote photosynthesis. Users of this tonic and Sabrina Hahn herself have reported extraordinary results on the performance, colour and vibrancy of their plants since using Home Grown Tonic with noticeable results within 1 week.


• Increased rate of photosynthesis resulting in brighter flower colour and fuller fruit.

• Increased leaf growth due to growth hormones absorbed into emerging buds.

Stronger root development by activating growth hormones like cytokinins and gibberellins.

Sabrina's Guide to Caring for Your Indoor Plants:

There is no such thing as an indoor plant – they are all rainforest plants and like to have lots of other plants to grow among, so pack as many plants close together as possible and create your own rainforest indoors.

Most indoor plant deaths are caused by overwatering, neglect or incorrect light levels. Group plants together and mist them 3 x per week to increase the humidity and give them some friends to be with.

All indoor plants will need to be fertilised in spring and summer with a liquid fertiliser such as Home Grown Tonic every 3 weeks and a slow-release fertiliser, at the beginning of September, December and again in February.

Never move indoor plants in the direct sunlight to give them a boost, they won’t stand the shock, the leaves will burn, and they usually die back. Do, however take them into the shower and give them a nice cool down, leave the shower running over them for 2 minutes. This will leach out any accumulation of salts from the fertiliser and wash off any dust particles that coat the leaves and prevent transpiration.

Repotting of your plants is best done in spring and summer with fresh potting mix and in a slightly larger pot. Be gentle with the root system unless its fleshy and thick and requires pruning.

Look out for common pests and diseases like mealy bugs, cottony cushion scale, aphids, whitefly, fungus gnats, leaf nematode, Grey mould, crown and stem rot, rust, bacterial spot, pythium and powdery mildew and treat as required.


This is not a NPK fertiliser.

Alkanolamines, Bull Kelp extract, plant growth hormones, molybdenum, amino acids, coconut oil, non-ionic surfactants and plant-based fatty acids.

  • Bio Based
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Carcinogenic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Non-Hazardous
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Caustic 

** REFILLS AVAILABLE - BYO container to refill this product.

About Hort with Heart:

Hort with Heart is the retail business of popular Perth gardening personality, Sabrina Hahn. A master gardener, horticultural professional, award winning radio presenter, podcaster and writer, Sabrina has a passion for the creation of sustainable landscapes that make cities more liveable. Sabrina has shared her knowledge and passion for green spaces on ABC radio for 27 years, being one of the earliest pioneers to promote sustainable gardening practices in the media. The Sabrina Hahn range of plants, Sabrina’s Selection, are all grown in coir pots.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Linda Footman
Indoor plant care

I bought Sabrina Hahn home grown tonic for indoor plants and it is excellent
. I have used it twice -once a fortnight and my plant is so healthy

Hi Linda, thanks for taking the time to share your positive feedback on this new plant tonic. We are so glad your plant is happy! Best regards, The Urban Revolution Team


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