Coir Fibre Pots - Various Sizes

Coir Pot: 1.1L

Natural Coir Pot

Coir fibre pots are made from a by-product of the coconut industry and are a sustainable alternative to plastic nursery pots.  These pots are beautiful with additional benefits.

Benefits of a Coir Pot

Coir fibre pots encourage the development of lateral root growth and naturally air prune root systems as they grow into the coir fibre. As the pot ages, it takes on a natural "hairy" appearance. Perfect growing container for your edible garden and microgreens.

  • No more environmentally harmful plastic pots
  • Ideal for propagating
  • 100% Biodegradable and organic
  • A renewable, sustainable resource from coconut fibre not peat moss.
  • No root binding
  • No waste to dispose of
  • Evaporative cooling of root zone
  • Lifespan of the pots are 1 to 2 years

Coir Pot Sizes

  • 1.1Lt pot size 100mm High, 140mm Wide, 100mm Base
  • 3.7Lt pot size 170mm High, 165mm Wide, 160mm Base
  • 7.7Lt pot size 210mm High, 240mm Wide, 160mm Base
  • Root Runner pot size 130mm High, 55mm Wide, 35mm Base

Compostable Pot

100% compostable and the whole pot can be planted with the plant into the ground.  This eliminates transplant shock and no waste!

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